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February 18, 2020

Matho Robe-Weaving Contest at Shwedagon

Cover Photo 72The Matho Robe-Weaving Contest, a centuries-old tradition, is a competition held at prominent pagodas to see who can weave the most beautiful decorative robes for the Buddha statues in the temples. Tradition dictates that the weaving of the robe must be completed in one evening and must be offered to the Buddha before dawn. If the weaving of the robes is delayed and cannot be completed, it is considered an unsuccessful attempt. The most significant robe-weaving contest in Myanmar is the one celebrated at the Great Shwedagon Pagoda. Nine teams of weavers took part last night on the eve of the Full Moon of Tazaungmon. Each team has six members, one of them a team leader, who weave their offerings until dawn, at which time the judges choose a winner and award prizes. This ceremony not only allows for good deeds to be made, but also preserves the weaving tradition of Myanmar. Photo: Ye Htut


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