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February 29, 2020

Maintaining Longevity is possible, but Mortality is inevitable

All living things are mortal. It is inevitable that we humans must die one day but the way of individual death is different e.g. sudden demise by accidents such as car crash, plane crashes and boat-sink, natural calamity, bomb blasts planted by terrorist, incurable diseases, modern pandemic disease and so on. These fatal accidents end their lives tragically. Some people commit suicide to end their life for specific reasons. Nobody wants to encounter tragic end of life indeed. Human life is so fragile that we maintain and protect our lives to be longer life-expectancy cautiously. However, no one can predict their destiny or expiry-date-of-life exactly. Moreover, time is consuming our life span fast. A person’s destiny decides to end his or her life. We humans wish to have the blessing of longevity. The teen-agers, adolescents, adults and elderly people are doing regular physical exercises and having a balanced diet in order to keep fit or maintain longevity. They practice for their personal well-being. Daily food-intake is important and food must be hygienic and free from chemical dye and chemical fertilizer in it. Otherwise, people will be unhealthy and their life expectancy will be shorter. Thus humans are struggling for survival and longevity. Normally, we humans know our date of birth, but we do not know our date of death.
Naturally, the ageing people are more likely to reach death than the young people. The health and physical constitution of the ageing people are deteriorating. They are prone to get any infection easily. They are just like overripe fruits in the tree which are about to fall on to the ground. Nevertheless, life, death and decay are natural processes for living things. Everybody is afraid of death, but nobody can overcome or escape from death. Death does not favor anybody irrespective of human social classes. While we are alive, we should live in our life humanely and naturally. We ought not to act against nature or destroy the natural environment of Mother Earth. When we die, our body will gradually rot and decay. Our lifeless remains will turn to refuse in the environment of the bereaved family. Some persons are as useless as rubbish even though they are alive. They are being useless for human society because they are good –for- nothing persons and never do good to humanity as well as community. Their body may be healthy, but they have negative mindsets towards the social welfare and charitable work. It is imperative for everyone to be healthy, wealthy and useful for all mankind while they are alive. We must try to be healthy persons with good-tempered mindset in dealing with fellow human beings in human society. We should eat not only wholesome food but also treat others nicely. Both body and mind must be healthy so that we can enjoy real happiness in life. Jealousy, animosity, inordinate greed, anger, extreme lust, hostility and unjust earning lead a miserable existence as they are considered evil- temperament. We must calm down or tame such evil-temperament in our life to attain personal well being, peace of mind and happiness.
If a person is unsociable and supercilious, he or she will be certainly ostracized by the generous persons. Unless a person does anything good for his or her society decently and honestly in a long life, he or she will be considered a useless or undignified person. No matter they are young or old, the boastful and conceited persons are disgusted by decent and simple persons. Although some persons are already in old age, they do not realize the impermanence of life or nada (Spanish word) and practice narcissism stupidly. Actually we are passing through our life-span to the destination known as death. We do not want to die and we want to be immortal. Gradually, we realize that there is no everlasting life on earth. All living things are impermanent. Of course that is a Universal truth!
Even if we could live in longevity, we will inevitably encounter death one day. Healthy Food, peaceful life-style, un-spoilt natural environment, fresh air and clean water make a person gain longevity. The oldest people or centenarians are found in the rural areas in the world. They eat moderate amount of healthy food or organic food and drink clean water. Mostly, they have worked on farm as farmers in the lush green countryside. Besides, they are contented, good tempered, honest and simple. Most of them are free from stressful life. Their minds are serene and calm and their dresses or clothes are adaptable to the climate and environment. Since their habitat is in nature or in rural areas, they are lucky to get chance to breathe fresh air every day. Fresh fruits, green vegetables and vegetations are available to be eaten. Air pollution cannot occur in those areas as there are no green house effects and gas emissions. Unfortunately, the people from modern big cities encounter air pollution more or less. They want to enjoy longer life expectancy by creating healthy life style and doing exercises. The urbanites try hard to maintain longevity due to concrete wood or concrete jungle in which they survive. The advantage of living in the metropolitan districts or regions is that modern health care service is available at all time. The urbanites can get access to advanced western medical services easily. They can have medical check-up and treatment for illness. This action is one of the ways for maintaining health and longevity. They also can learn the practice of how- to- keep- personal- well-being from the competent medical doctors. The doctors’ advice is very helpful for the people to practice right way to achieve good health indeed.
Everyone is obliged to struggle for survival and well-being during the unknown permitted life-span on earth. Anyway, human life is so precious and superior than any other living things on this beautiful and magnificent planet. Wishing everyone a long long live life with happiness!!!


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