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May 28, 2020

Local exporters face losses as India raises import duty on betel nuts

Betel nut sacks are sorted to export to India. Photo: Zo Hay Hsar

BETEL nut exporters are currently facing losses as Indian authorities have raised the import duty on betel nuts to 40 per cent, according to a spokesperson of the Tamu Border Traders Association.
The imports of Myanmar’s betel nuts to India through Tamu and Reed border trade stations have been banned by Indian government beginning late July. For the time being, a large quantity of betel nuts has currently piled up in both Reedkhawda Town in Chin State and Mizoram State of India for nearly two months.
One merchant said local exporters brought back their stocks along Tamu-Kalay-Reed route as they have no demand for the seed from India through the two borders, facing large losses of prices for betel nuts which have been sold before.
There are nearly around 150,000 acres of betel nut plantation in the country. Taninthayi and Ayeyawady regions as well as Mon State supply large volume of betel nut on a commercial scale. According to statistics issued by border trade camp, Myanmar exported US$7.706 million worth of betel nuts weighing 8,452 tons to India in FY2014-2015. The export volume increased to over 20,000 tons in FY2015-2016 and it continued to rise to 21,492 tons in FY2016-2017.


Zo Hay Hsar


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