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July 04, 2020

Letter of Gratitude to the Public

The following is an unofficial translation for a public announcement of gratitude from the Office of the State Counsellor released on 24 May.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Office of the State Counsellor
(24 May 2019)

Letter of Gratitude to the Public

1. The Union Government is ever striving tirelessly for the proliferation of the rule of law and socio-economic development of Myanmar’s citizens, national reconciliation and internal peace, and amending the Constitution, which is the cornerstone of a democratic federal republic.
2. Given this situation and time period, it is especially important that each citizen observes and implements positive democratic practices.

Furthermore, it is also important for all citizens of the Union to endeavour in line with the 4 laws of success; strong will, determination, indomitable spirit and wisdom;for individual accomplishments, promoting family livelihoods, and developing one’s community and country in accordance with one’s own assigned duty.
3. On 12 May 2019, the Myanmar National Airline plane No. XY-AGQ (Embraer-190), Yangon-Mandalay flight UB-103, had to make an emergency landing at the Mandalay International Airport, while carrying 82 passengers onboard, after its front landing gear failed to deploy.
Captain U Myat Moe Aung, the pilot, declared emergency (mayday), gave detailed instructions to his co-pilots and the flight crew and made surethat the passengers on board followed emergency rescue procedures. He then flew the plane around the airport to burn off the remaining 3,000 lbs of fuel and reduce the landing weight.
In addition, the pilot made all necessary preparations and communications for an emergency landing and succeeded in landing the plane smoothly without any casualties and minimal damage to the aircraft.
4. To congratulate their efforts, this Letter of Gratitude for the month of May is issued to Captain U Myat Moe Aung and Co-pilots U Kaung Sett Lin and U Myo Thiha Aung for making sound decisions based on their experience, expertise and composure while piloting the aircraft; and to Senior Flight Attendant Daw Cherry Myint, Flight Attendants Daw K Jar San Aung, Daw Khine Zaw Lin and Daw Ommar Aung for carrying out the proper emergency rescue procedures to ensure the safety of the passengers onboard.
5. The actions of Captain U Myat Moe Aung and his flight crewis a vivid example that we can all successfully overcome any challenges if we use our skilled expertise and the preparations we have practised in a calm, unified and confident manner and through our combined efforts.
As I put these deeds on records, I request each and every citizen to cooperate for the progress and development of the Union, as we move forward with collective strength, so that we mighthand over a bright and prosperous future to the next generation.

Aung San Suu Kyi
State Counsellor


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