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July 06, 2020

Let’s kindle a ray of hope in flood victims

It is understandable that the recovery phase of disaster will involve a lot of rebuilding in the aftermath of the country’s recent catastrophic floods which have caused severe damage to public facilities and infrastructure in 11 of 14 states and regions.
It is encouraging to see people of different faiths and races coming to the response and recovery services in the knowledge that desperate times call for desperate measures. In addition, the president himself visited the flood-affected regions after making an appeal for international donations to flood victims.
Given the huge impacts of the disaster, the recovery effort will no doubt place some financial strain on the government and voluntary organizations in the long run. For instance, a great deal of financial resources will be needed to help the victims cope with their nightmare. It is time for the government to promise full funding for housing repairs to the extent that damaged homes are habitable. Yet, most of the funding is found to have come from private sources.
Furthermore, the government in cooperation with local private financial institutions should introduce low-interest disaster loans to cushion the victims from their property losses. Another important thing for governing bodies to take into consideration is how to deal with disaster-related unemployment.
Last but not least, individual flood victims deserve encouragement and comfort from all of us in part because the emotional pain can sometimes be worse and more devastating than the loss of personal property.


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