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May 25, 2020

Let us eradicate extremist terrorists, destructive elements together!

Khin Maung Oo

Tatmadaw and security forces are searching for extremist terrorists in area clearance operations. These extremist terrorists launched coordinated surprise attacks on security outposts in northern Rakhine State. Last year as well, Tatmadaw and security forces cleared them away after they made violent armed attacks on 3 border guard security outposts.
Now again, due to their attacks, security forces have sacrificed their lives for the country. Other security forces and innocent civilians have been wounded. To our great sorrow, we heard about the mass exodus of displaced people leaving for safer places for fear of facing dangers of these extremist terrorists. The exodus started from the morning of 25th August.
Much have been heard that not only the whole populace but also international communities are being greatly irritated, denouncing the atrocious deeds of these destructive elements as the deeds that harm the national sovereignty of Myanmar. Accordingly, it became the affair of greatest importance for the nation, and these extremist elements of destruction were announced to be the terrorist groups. Simultaneously, our State Leaders themselves are dealing with this affair through constant monitoring and close supervision.
The affair is concerned with the nation as well as all Myanmar citizens who wish to live in peace and concentrate on development. It is necessary for us to have a background knowledge of these terrorist attacks and to take notice of their conspiracy efforts. Under the current situations, these destructive elements are systematically making violent armed attacks on security outposts on purpose, at the same time trying to frighten the local populace so that they dare not settle down there. These extremist terrorists have recruited the local people to conduct terrorist attacks such as destroying bridges and planting hand-made mines.
We must take notice and understand clearly that these incidents of atrocity and terror can grow bigger and threaten the very existence of Maungtaw district itself, which is of vital importance to the country. We need to live in unity and co-operation with a broader vision and security awareness so as to oppose any attempts to harm our national sovereignty. In addition we need to protect the lives of the innocent civilians.
Based on this incident, we need to take a lesson from international events. Presently, extremist terrorists have occupied Marawi, the biggest city in the southern Philippines, trying to occupy the whole region of Mindanao Island. Likewise, extremist armed terrorists are making attacks almost every day to occupy the areas in southern Thailand—Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat which abut with Malaysia. Our country should study these events carefully and attempt to understand the broader picture as it relates to the events in the Rakhine State. To sum it up, we are also required to be aware of the dangers of these extremist terrorists and do our utmost to protect the property and lives of local populace. All Myanmar citizens should unite and join hands with the Union Government to protect the national sovereignty of Myanmar and to assist our national brethren in the Rakhine State as much as possible.


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