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August 08, 2020

Lessening impacts from coronavirus: We’re in it together

The International Labour Organization has estimated that about 25 million jobs around the world can be laid off due to COVID-19.
COVID-19 has brought repercussions on the hotel and tourism industry, construction sector, transportation, agriculture, livestock breeding, wholesale and retail businesses and other services in Myanmar just as much as the rest of the world.
Myanmar has also seen massive downsizing in factories in companies, businesses shutting down or suspended and Myanmar migrant workers returning home every day. The Union Government is taking the initiative to administer transportation of Myanmar migrant workers, mitigating economic repercussions on businesses, economic rejuvenation, and containment of the disease in collaboration with the entire country. The government is also working to prevent job losses by creating job opportunities during and after the spread of COVID-19.
The Cash-for-Work programme being implemented by the government under its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan-CERP is providing financial support to wage earners in some 2500 villages nationwide.
Meanwhile, a large number of Myanmar migrant workers working overseas are still returning home.
Employment agencies are obliged for implementing the basic rights of workers in domestic and overseas settings in accordance with the law for providing a safe workplace.
The ministry acknowledges Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation-MOEAF and those working to compile correct statistics of returnees in Myawady, the border town with Thailand. Employment agencies should ensure they have an updated comprehensive list of Myanmar citizens working abroad, the region they were working in, and their date and other information upon return.
The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population is developing a computer software for this matter and will be able to make a detailed list of names, nature of employment and region travelling for work in the future.
To support the employment agencies, the Union Government will grant loans to overseas employment agencies and training courses or classes if they meet set standards. Training centers that meet regulations from the Ministry of Health and Sports will also be allowed to reopen soon.
To lessen the consequences of the global pandemic, employers and employment agencies are ad-vised to seek ways for tackling the crisis together with the government before the situation worsens.
The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population always has its doors open to the employment agency federation should they wish to discuss their difficulties and challenges in a transparent manner.


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