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January 22, 2020

Lake Reed attracts more tourists from India

Reed Lake in Chin State has attracted visitors.

The Chin State cabinet is promoting tourism based on Lake Reed, and have found that most of the tourists are from the neighbouring country of India, said the State Hluttaw representative from Haka town.
The lake is located in the north of Reh Khaw Da, a small town that lies near Myanmar’s northwestern border with India, making it a convenient trip for those coming from the South Asian country.
Moreover, the authorities are promoting community based tourism (CBT) in Lake Reed so that the cultural mores of ethnic Chins can be exposed to tourists from India and beyond.
Lake Reed is unique in that it is shaped like a heart. The natural lake is 2,966 feet high above the sea level. The famous heart-shaped lake is 832 acres wide and has a 3-mile circumference and is over 50 feet deep.
What makes Lake Reed unique is that the lake is never short of water.




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