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June 03, 2020

Kyemon daily celebrates 60th anniversary in Yangon

Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint addresses the 60th anniversary of the Kyemon (the Mirror Daily) Daily yesterday at Sky Star Hotel in Yangon.

A ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the Kyemon (the Mirror Daily) newspaper was held in Yangon yesterday, with attendance one of the founders of the daily newspaper and veteran journalists.
The Mirror was first founded by the youths and the middle aged, and is a newspaper that has changed obviously in Myanmar’s print media, said Dr Pe Myint, Union Minister for Information, in his greetings on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Kyemon Newspaper.
The history of the Kyemon, published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise under the Ministry of Information, was mentioned in yesterday’s Sunday Supplement.
He said that the Kyemon is the first newspaper he read in his boyhood. At the time, there were many newspapers being published and the Kyemon was the most popular one and is still the best one, with its circulation being more than the combination of other newspaper’s circulation.
He said he still remembers the writtings of Author Zawana, Kyemon Khine of Sayar Aung Shein and the political cartoons by Sayargyi U Pe Thein. The papers were sent by plane to Thandwe where he lived and Kyemon had the highest circulation.
In 1962, the freedom of press was faded and Kyemon became the state owned newspaper. As people are saying Kyemon is the government’s newspaper, It is I think a matter of interpretation. He thinks that the pure government newspaper were Working People’s Daily and Lotha Pyi Thu Nezin in 1963-1964 which were the government’s mouthpiece, he said.
But, Kyemon and Myanmar Alin of today were founded with different motivation, he said.
In fact, Kyaemon and Myanmar Alin had become the state owned newspapers only in the absence of the Working People’s Daily and Lotha Pyi Thu Daily. At present, Kyemon and Myanmar Alin are owned by the government and so, then can be called the state owned papers but they are not the mouth piece of the government.
Despite the truth that Kyemon is owned by the government and is reporting on the activities of the government, it is not the voice of the government.
Kyemon is serving as a bridge between the government and the public by sharing information. However, it is not a propaganda tool, he said.
If one casts a glance at the print media of today, one will see that there are Myanmar Alin, Kyemon, the Global New Light of Myanmar and other private run newspaper harboring different thoughts and views in addition to on line publications, added the Union Minister.
Next, A video clip about the history of the Kyemon was shown. The ceremony was attended by the co founders, ex chief editors of Kyemon and retired officials of the Ministry of Information..


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