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July 06, 2020

KBZ Bank donates hospital equipment

KBZ Bank is contributing donations valued at more than MMK1.4 billion for hospital equipment and supplies to prevent, control and treat COVID-19 in Myanmar.
On 18 March 2020, KBZ Bank and KBZ MS General Insurance contributed MMK 100 million to the Ministry of Health and Sports to be channelled towards supporting medical professionals at public hospitals and to treat suspected COVID-19 patients.

PPE Suit_Credit to KBZ Bank.
PPE Suit_Credit to KBZ Bank.

This was followed by the donation of 400,000 pieces of surgical masks, valued at MMK 200 million, which were sourced from a supplier in China. The delivery of the surgical masks is ongoing, currently in Shweli in China, and the donation will be made in the coming days.
To prevent the shortage of medical equipment at hospitals in Myanmar, KBZ Bank has also procured 21,000 sets of European CE Standard PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) suits, along with medical protective goggles, medical protective gloves, surgical 3-ply face masks, headgear and 10,000 bottles of 500ml hand sanitizer. These items were sourced from a supplier in China and will be donated as soon as possible.
KBZ Bank is also collaborating with the Shan State Regional Government to distribute 100,000 emergency packages. Each package includes 2kg of rice, one bottle of cooking oil, 1.6kg of chickpeas and a cash allowance of MMK 10,000.
As of 26 March 2020, KBZ Bank has donated more than MMK 1.4 billion to support the control, prevention and treatment processes related to COVID-19. KBZ Bank will continue to provide donations of required items on a national scale when needed, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sports. —KBZ


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