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June 03, 2020

JPN TV channel films Irrawaddy River’s beauty, endangered dolphins

Film crew shooting the foot of Mandalay mountain in Mandalday.  Photo: MNA
Film crew shooting the foot of Mandalay mountain in Mandalday. Photo: MNA

A film crew from Japan’s NTV Channel, led by Director Mr Daichi Kitami, filmed the natural scenery along the Irrawaddy River near Mya Sun Village, Madaya Township, yesterday.
The film crew also filmed a music video for NTV talent Mr Daiko Miyazono at the foot of Mandalay mountain for his song, roughly translated to ‘Pay a visit to Myanmar’, played on a guitar.

Japan’s NTV Channel film crew shoot the natural scenery along the Irrawaddy River. Photo: MNA
Japan’s NTV Channel film crew shoot the natural scenery along the Irrawaddy River. Photo: MNA

They also filmed Irrawaddy dolphins helping fishermen in Shein Makar, Sin Kyun, Sein Pan Kone, Myay Sun, and Aye Kyun villages of Madaya Township and will continue filming to 28 October.
NTV aims to broadcast both content on its Itte Q Program before the end of 2019 and hopes to further promote tourism to Myanmar. — Nyein Ko-FDC (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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