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May 31, 2020

JPN to provide financial injection for paddy in Ayeyawady

A farmer harvesting rice in Ayeyawady Delta.
A farmer harvesting rice in Ayeyawady Delta.

PLANS are in place for the Japanese company, Mandaku, to partner with the Department of Agriculture in planting and cultivating good quality paddy on 1,300 acres of land in Ayeyawady Region during this rainy season.
The Department of Agriculture has announced it plans to work together with local farmers to plant quality paddy grains of Paw Hsan Yin, Hsin Thwe Lat and Hsin Thukha on 50 acres of land per township in the region.
U Htun Aung Kyaw, head of the Ayeyawady Region Department of Agriculture, says the Japanese will assist with a K260 million interest-free loan for the initiative, equivalent to K200,000 per acre.
“Our department will provide technical assistance with cultivation so that farmers are in a position whereby they can distribute a sufficient quantity of quality paddy, while the Japanese will provide support in a financial capacity.” he said.
The Department of Agriculture anticipates one acre of paddy to yield 81.2 bushels. If estimates are correct, farmers will be able to distribute over 104,400 bushels of paddy come next year’s monsoon paddy season.
It is reported that farmers will only be required to provide farmland and labour for the planting of paddy, with the Mandaku company incurring all financial expenses from the time of planting monsoon paddy through to its harvest.
But, U Sein Maung Myit, head of the Pathein district Department of Agriculture, explains that once farmers have harvested their paddy, they must sell half of their yield back to the Department of Agriculture, who will pay a higher price for it than outside buyers. The interest-free credit lent by the Mandaku company will then be repaid.
“The Department of Agriculture doesn’t distribute out quality paddy grain in our region. We must rely on our own efforts to cultivate a quality paddy.” said U Oo Than Htun, a farmer from Yekyi township. According to the records of the Department of Agriculture, the Ayeyawady Region boasts of 3.6 million acres of monsoon paddy and 1.2 million acres of summer paddy.


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