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August 12, 2020

Join in youths all round development festival!

  • With the two major objectives of sharing intellect, knowledge, technology and ethics among Myanmar youths, and of building up Myanmar society with their excellent vision, Youths All Round Development Festival will be held from 1st December to 3rd December this year. For successful celebration of the festival with pomp and circumstance, preparations are underway to cover every aspect of management to make this festival a success. Also, it is significant to note that the period of the festival coincides with the Pre-Centenary of Yangon University.
    Rangoon College which was established in 1878 as an affiliated college of the Calcutta University reached the status of a university in 1920. Yangon University is the oldest in the history of Myanmar education, being one of Myanmar’s historic places of fame and glory. Simultaneously, it was the Alma Mater which produced numerous political leaders for the country. The Youths All Round Development Festival is going to be celebrated in the Yangon University Campus, with activities for the Pre-Centenary of Yangon University included.
    Along the Adipadi Road from the entrance on University Avenue Road fanfare and stalls will occupy, with the Stage where the Opening Ceremony is to going to be held—in front of the Convocation Hall. The Youth and Drug Exhibition Room is in the car-parking ground. If you turn to the left, there is the exhibition room of job opportunities for youths in the Campus of Yangon University of Economics; in the interior halls of the main building of Yangon University of Economics discussions, talk shows, extempore speeches, contests for English Language Proficiency will be held. In the open space near the Thit Poke Pin, a remarkable tree and a symbol of Yangon University, there will be a book fair festival. The Cultural University will provide entertainment in front of the lawn of Yangon Arts and Science University; in the Recreation Centre there will be booths for inventions, science fair and other shows to be presented by students from the Institute of Information Technology, Computer University, and Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University. Sports activities will be organized in the football ground and car parking ground in front of Bago and Sagaing Halls. We can guess how crowded the festival will be with the enthusiastic efforts and participation of youths. This festival will be for three days.
    For the successful celebration of the festival, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture are cooperating and collaborating. As youths constitute the hopes and aspirations for the future, it is important to upgrade the capacity of our youths in all fields of activity.
    In the Constitution, it is strictly prescribed that the State is required to carry out the tasks of developing patriotism in youths, cultivating correct thoughts and ideas in their minds, and equipping them with physical and mental strengths. And last but not least, social skills and the importance of understanding the value of spiritual development. To sum it up, we firmly believe that the Youths All Round Development Festival will pave the way to build up a peaceful and prosperous nation so that today’s youths will be able to shoulder heavy burdens of our nation in the future.


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