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January 27, 2020

Is our new year really new?

A new year is approaching us again but we are sure to miss another new year as we have been doing for decades. Having passed through so many new years with old problems, new years have not been really new for us for decades.
Every one of us will remember how we have entered year after year until 2014, which is plagued by chronic problems like the inconclusive peace process, religious conflicts, battles in border areas, land disputes, labour disputes, rising prices, unemployment, housing shortages, rampant crime, inefficient public transportation systems and so on.
Now, at the very end of 2014, we are still struggling with these problems with no solutions on sight and we are sure to enter a new year again with old problems.
Although the State is trying its best, it is clear that it alone is not able to solve these problems as they are deep-rooted ones resulting from mismanagement of successive governments. It is time for all the political forces and all people in Myanmar to play an active role in tackling these problems to prove that our country deserves genuine new years in the future.


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