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July 07, 2020

Incurable Megalomaniac Persons and Poisonous Extreme Ideologists

Megalomaniac persons can be found in dictatorship, monarchy and higher rank officials in some governments in the world. When they are in absolute power, they are intoxicated with power and luxury. They usually forget the stepping stones of obtaining the power and their origin of their life. Literally, they are just above the vast majority of their own people and they lead their country as they wish. The luxury and power motivates or breeds selfishness and extreme ego in their minds. Obviously, their behaviors reflect their selfishness, ruthlessness and brutality when they govern their people. Megalomaniac persons lose their people’s trust and love so they are mentally insecure whenever they face or talk to the mass. Psychologically, they are scared of mass power though they are the incumbent head of states or presidents or prime ministers etc. If a certain society is ruled by a handful of megalomaniac people, the all citizens feel unhappy and insecure for their life due to lack of justice and equality. Thus, the harmonious relations and cooperation do not exist between the people concerned and the ruler. As a consequence, the process for socio-economic development is impossible or farfetched. This situation does affect or hinder the country’s prosperity and progression. The unity, credibility and cooperation must be founded by the people and government so that a particular society will prosper constantly. Megalomania is identical to obsession of sexual pleasure or extreme lust in human minds. A person dominated by megalomania disregards for the feelings of the people concerned. He or she always protects his or her power, unjust wealth and luxury blatantly. His or her minions or companions are conferred with authority, creature comforts and special privileges, but the vast majority of people are oppressed. The minions or sycophants always protect and safeguard the megalomaniac ruler for the sake of their personal gains and opportunities despite the majority of people dislike him or her bitterly. Ridiculously, the megalomaniac ruler tries to grab or abuse the power forever. However, in the 21st century, people in different societies around the world topple or overthrow the unscrupulous or undignified or selfish rulers with mass power in unison. Nowadays, the global people condemn or denounce the act of exploitations between the rulers and people concerned. These days, in the world, very few stubborn and cruel rulers remain isolated, but they are still exploiting and suppressing their own people unkindly and unpatriotically. The way they treat their people obviously reveal that they do not love their race and do not endeavor for building their society to be an advanced one in the world. As their extreme greed of power in their minds dominates them, the interests of the people deteriorate vividly. The mental illness of these persons is rather incurable. They will never get relieved of such extreme obsession of power. They do not even remorse for their unjust reign and illegitimate power as they are overwhelmed by megalomania.
There is a variety of ideologies in different societies. The ideological differences may be either beneficial or harmful to the societies concerned. Sometimes some ideologies can be even detrimental to mankind. The act of poisonous extreme ideologists is the latest issue or the greatest threat to all countries and people in the world. Global people are horrendously shocked to learn their bestial, callous and brutal acts. They recklessly commit homicide regardless of any race, religion and places in the world. Most of the victims are innocent people such as international journalists, civilians, school students, artistes and unarmed ordinary-people. Their attacks, taking-hostages and kidnapping always end in tragedy and their attempts to gain something are in vain. How come they survive on this peaceful and amazing earth in the solar system? Who supports them to activate with arms and ammunitions to kill innocent humans on earth to achieve nonsense? Currently they are being wiped out by super powers constantly in order to save or protect the innocent people who are not their enemies across the world indeed. All civilized people bitterly and unanimously condemn their barbaric acts and decide to eliminate those who are poisonous extreme ideologists across the world. We disgust the cowardly attack of extreme ideologists on innocent and unarmed people while enjoying their daily life peacefully. The act of bestiality is totally unbelievable. The violence and acts of terrorism are their strategies to influence some countries but none of the Muslim countries do not support IS criminals. Some notorious terrorist groups have sworn allegiance to IS. Nevertheless, the peace loving global people never ever support these extreme terrorist groups. The threat of extreme ideologists is a global concern. Their cowardly attacks target on defenseless and innocent people callously and barbarically.
They persuade and organize the youngsters to join their organizations on line. The recruits are brainwashed to the extreme ideology. Then they are trained to act in violent ways with modern weapons recklessly. In fact, the poisonous extreme ideologists disturb, disrupt and attack the communities which oppose and disagree to their extreme ideology. Then they expand the targets to threaten global peace and tranquility by terrorizing in various targets around the world. Due to their worldwide attacks in different big cities, the international tourists are insecure and cannot enjoy recreation and resort freely and pleasantly. As they planted the bomb on the commercial airplane and hijacked it, the worldwide air-travel was even alerted. At present, all the global communities are greatly cautious and aware of the activities of poisonous extreme ideologists and cooperate with super powers and international law enforcement to undercover the members of the organizations of the extreme ideologists. They are poisonous and harmful to those who are youngsters, insensible persons and thoughtless persons. The extreme ideologists persuade and intimidate the youngsters into acting or performing the schemes of terrorism. After being recruited, the   members are indoctrinated with extreme ideology of a certain faith. Moreover, they kidnap people for money and when they do not get ransom they behead the kidnapped persons. Normally, they do not release the kidnapped persons even if they get ransom. This disaster is made by inhumane persons who extremely perceive the ideology in some faith and propagate it recklessly and violently. The destruction and violence with weapons are their tactics to propagate their extreme ideology which inflict humanity. The perpetrators are supported by unknown people or organizations secretly. Every country is alerted to wipe out or do dragnet the ones who carry out the underground movement of poisonous extreme ideologists. The global peace is shaken by the bestial cruelty of extreme ideologists very often. All the leaders of super powers have pledged to eliminate the threat and strength of the organization of the poisonous extreme ideologists for the sake of the security of the global people. Otherwise, many lives of the innocent people will be ruined or lost around the world. There is no country in the world that does not concern about the great threat or danger of the poisonous extreme ideologists. All peace loving countries around the world are safeguarding their people with watchful eyes and sharp intelligence. Every society needs peace and stability so that the global peace will be prevalent or guaranteed and the global people could travel and communicate each other happily. The leaders of super powers have declared that the group of IS is a common enemy of all peace loving nations and these nations are responsible for annihilating the IS group by any means.
The inordinate greed, power and self-centeredness are the viruses which affect those persons to become incurable megalomaniac persons. There is no medication for them. When their power is expired, they are saddened and frightened for their unknown destiny in future. However, if they realize the natural law of impermanence, they will certainly relieve from pain and suffering of such illness. As for those poisonous extreme ideologists, they will be punished by global people unless they attain right view on humanity. When compassion, loving-kindness and contentment deteriorate in human minds, the unpleasant or chaotic events or behaviors arise in human society. Let’s try to eliminate man-made disaster on this planet with wisdom!!!


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