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May 31, 2020

Implementation Coordination Meeting on NCA

Representatives sit down for discussions regarding the implementation coordination on nationwide ceasefire agreement in Nay Pyi Taw on 25 November 2017. Photo: Myanmar News Agency

An Implementation Coordination Meeting on the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) was held at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
Union Attorney-General U Tun Tun Oo said the meeting was being held one month after the first meeting in Yangon on 25 and 26 October. Many points were agreed upon in the first meeting and, in addition to holding a UPDJC meeting, starting from 17 November, work group meetings were held for four days and a secretariat meeting was held for a day. Due to the efforts of those meetings, in addition to political framework, five work guidelines were reviewed and requirements added. As many points were agreed to yesterday’s UPDJC meeting, only a few remain to be discussed.
Similarly, standard operating procedure (SOP) for national-level political discussion was approved in yesterday’s UPDJC meeting. Based on the submission by the secretariat group, in order for some points in the framework on political discussion to be discussed in JICM, UPDJC confirmed to transfer it to Implementation Coordination Meeting on NCA.
“As per the NCA, the political discussion framework was drawn up in 60 days, and some difficulties were encountered when it was actually implemented. For now, with an exception of a few left to be confirmed, the remaining is amended and SOPs were also drawn. It is strongly believed that the remaining peace process can be smoothly implemented”, said the Union Attorney-General.
Lt-Gen Yar Pyae said this Implementation Coordination Meeting on the NCA is the second meeting after the second anniversary of the NCA. In the first meeting, discussions were based on 21 points. Misunderstandings based on the NCA and misunderstandings against each other based on the existing laws were discussed. The main thing is that signing of the NCA is heading toward a permanent peace.
“The government, Tatmadaw and ethnic armed organisations sign the NCA with the spirit of peace. NCA was discussed thoroughly and signed after overcoming difficulties. We need to discuss openly of our requirements and in accordance with the principal of discussion and negotiation.
“However, in the present situation, there are some points that need time to be negotiated and discussed so we need to understand this as an exception and implement it. In our eagerness we must not rush the main points to implement peace. Implementing over eagerly will result in disagreement on these points that could delay the process even further. Both sides need to negotiated”, Lt-Gen Yar Pyae said.
Yebaw Than Ge, head of work group on Implementation Coordination on NCA from NCA-S-EAO, said the work group has many responsibilities. The EAO side had proposed to review three sections in NCA implementation. He believed that the day’s meeting can discuss this quickly.
“Whether it is in the concept, process or implementation section, EAO believed that the main thing is to find the meeting point where everyone can come to. This will be discussed and negotiated today. What we understand is that there are some things that can be done in a short time and some that will need more time”, he said.
“In the day’s meeting officials from EAOs who had signed, the government and Tatmadaw as well remaining who hadn’t sign the NCA will be able to find the meeting point and make the best preparation for JICM meeting that will be held soon. It will be a beneficial meeting for the country”, said Yebaw Than Ge.
Next the approval of the meeting agenda and discussion on implementation coordination on the NCA was conducted.
Afterwards, Yebaw Than Ge, Lt-Gen Yar Pyae and Union Attorney-General U Tun Tun Oo reviewed the results of the meeting and concluded the meeting.
The Implementation Coordination Meeting on the NCA was attended by nine representatives from the Government, Hluttaw and Tatmadaw and 12 representatives from NCA-S-EAO.


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