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August 12, 2020

Heartbeat of a mountain dweller in Nay Pyi Taw

Convergence Theory and Myanmar Social Community

Lon Jon Sun MaingLon Jon Sun Maing
It is almost two years that I have been in Hluttaw in Nay Pyi Taw. I questioned myself what I have done, how much effective has my work been and what momentous role I took part. How much I I could have realized the dream of ink-stained little finger tips, the want of the State and how much I could have contributed to the history of mankind. The answer is just a simple one. I am now at the stage of riding on the wave with other Hluttaw members without any significant contribution and still going on as an ordinary Hluttaw representative.Much as being an ordinary Hluttaw representative, I feel I am a member of Hluttaw who is duty bound to achieve the betterment of the nation’s fate and to realize the objectives of the Parliament in line with its organizational essence and character.
Convergence TheoryI wish to put up the Convergence Theory as it deems fit with the prevailing situation. At the research congress in 1972 Dr Than Naing read the paper on Convergence Theory. He got a Doctorade degree in philosophy from then Soviet Union. He was then a demonstrator in Philosophy Department of Rangoon Arts and Science University and also a warden of Khabaung Hostel. It had been 45 years long and all the facts of Convergence Theory were not remembered. Only basic principles were still in my memory. The Convergence Theory was then popular among the political researchers in Europe and America. The essence of the convergence Theory included the facts that the socialist system and capitalist system were marching forward in parallel contending for power for a certain span of historic time, however the two systems would converge at a certain point along the historic journey or would be being directed to converge at a certain point. For instance the managers and employees of the companies and businesses under the capitalist system, could become the share holders and owners of a company or business after buying the shares and stocks by their earnings Dr Than Naing denied the convergence theory and pointed out the basic principles of the socialist theory as follows: 1. Leadership of working class and the positions of social classes2. Capital and units of labour3. Specification of Labour units and values of labour4. Sharing of labour value and sharing system of surplus value (whether this fact was included in his paper was not remembered)According to Dr Than Naing the socialism and capitalism would never converge and socialism would finally demolish the capitalism. 1972 was the time when the effect of cultural revolution of Mao Tsetung and Chou Enlai was still lingering over China. It was also the time of intense global contest between the East Group (Socialist Group) and West Group (Capitalist Group).  We being the young leftist group in the then Rangoon Arts and Science University-RASU fervently accepted and supported the idea of Dr Than Naing.
The present world and socialismAt the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress held in October 2017 the President of China, Xi Jinping contended in his report that China will continue its socialist revolution and building the socialist economy with base on the Marxism-Leninism and Mao’s Ideology, nevertheless adapted to the prevailing situation of China. When we were young students of RASU we were earnestly studying the Marxism-Leninism and Mao’s Thoughts and tried to understand them fancying to be Mao of Myanmar. We confess we are still confused to understand the building of socialist economy based on the peaceful coexistence of different social classes.  According to Deng Xiaoping no matter the cat is white or black, what matters most is to be able to catch the rat. Like wise, Jiang Zemin disclosed that Chinese capitalists should be accepted as member of Communist Party.
Our knowledge is insufficient to understand how the Communist Party control on disciplinary misconduct of its members, how much successful it is in combating the corruption and what social classes are leading in Chinese societies.We have no ability to assess how much pure the socialist system is in North Korea and Cuba. It is vivid Russia and East European countries had changed their politics. Viet Nam and China who dubbed themselves as socialist countries employ the socialist market economy.In this respect, it can be assumed that the socialism and capitalism are meeting at a point and converge which was discussed in Dr Than Naing’s research paper. Marxism-Leninism, Mao’s Thoughts and socialism- communism are found still living though it is clear those theories are becoming less and less popular among the people. Market economy of capitalist theory is overwhelming the other political theories. Professional in political analysis can assess the difference, relationship and connectivity between the capitalist market economy and socialist market economy of President Xi Jinping.  In this context a question arises whether the political trend representing America and the trend representing China are converging. In Soviet Union of Khrushchev time, Mao of China accused Russia of revisionist or deviating from socialist track bringing about the treachery on communism. In this respect the answer is that the two political systems having different stance and beneficial representation cannot converge at all. In the long human history even the political system taking control over others for a certain span of time has to change itself  in due course of time. It goes without end like a spiral stairways. It can be compared to the flowing river that never turns back its direction of flow.
Myanmar SocietyIn present Myanmar the word National Reconciliation is popular among the people. Different political group, different representation and different political trend engender the word National Reconciliation. The National Reconciliation is much coveted by the whole people who beg the stakeholders to successfully accomplish the National Reconciliation with great expectation.The National Reconciliation trend is the least affected way for the people and can be coined as Win- Win strategy. The way to annihilate the opponent by military might and the way to terminate the military influence by creating intense political crisis by organizing the social uprising will lead to the great loss for both the country and the people as well.  So the way different from  persecuting the opposite side will be the only way to give happy end for both the nation and people. The followings are way to be used for Win-Win situation. 1. The way in which different views and ideas shall be accepted and take the decision of the people by putting up their policy, ideology and view before the people. 2. By  building a new federal democratic state based on the first way and based on the creation of harmony among the different people and self-determinable region containing the people of different race, religion, language, literature and historical background, the appreciable human society without the feeling of loss or win and with harmonious relationship between different groups will come into existence. To put in a nut shell people will gain the victory at long last. In the human history it has been a few centuries that the States with the firm constitution has appeared in the world. The time has allowed to build a Nation in the name of Myanmar in conformity with the modern world in a space with boundry  granted by the law of nature.   Democratic Federal State that allows containing the people of different race ,religion, language and culture shall be built in line with the standard of present world. Every families can have the right to decide for their own benefit without affecting others and shall build a big village where people can reside peacefully.


(Lon Jon Sum Maing is MP. of Pyithu Hluttaw)Translated by Khin Maung Win 


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