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June 03, 2020

The green-eyed monsters

Very recently, there was a news item that the US State Department was considering formally declaring that “Ethnic Cleansing” of Bengalis was being committed in Myanmar. It could be defined as ethnic cleansing only if there had been a step-by-step systematically conspired massacre. What happened in Rakhine State was caused by simultaneous attacks of ARSA extremist terrorists on 30 security outposts in Rakhine State. To be exact, it broke out due to the military operations of well-trained ARSA militant extremist terrorists. Strictly speaking, ARSA extremist terrorists intentionally created the problem.
At the same time the UNSC weighed in by discussing the need to pass a resolution which included calls for Myanmar authorities to immediately stop military crackdowns on Bengalis, it was said. Here, one might ask a question why the UNSC failed to refer to the attacks launched by the ARSA extremist terrorists, which in fact was the real cause of the events that unfolded in the Rakhine State. According to unconfirmed sources, it has been learnt that a sentence in the UNSC Draft Resolution stated that refugees living in conventional rescue camps in Bangladesh be allowed to return homes. Matters for the arrangement of accepting Bengalis were negotiated between Myanmar and Bangladesh. We fail to understand why the UNSC demanded again in its resolution about a matter which has been negotiated between Myanmar and Bangladesh.
The above-said UNSC Draft Resolution has been said to demand for Bengalis to be granted citizen rights. The Union Government has already stated publicly that these Bengalis would be granted citizen rights in compliance with existing rules and laws. Why would the UNSC like to demand the already-publicized matter? Why would the great powers not like to acknowledge the anxieties of ethnic nationalities over the potential infiltration of Bengalis on the other side of the border into Rakhine State where 1.3 million Bengalis are already residing. In this area the number of national ethnic races amount to only 3 million. Why can the great powers definitely say that there were no illegal encroachments of Bengalis from across the border into Rakhine State presently, apart from in olden days?
How shall we understand the attitudes of the UNSC and the great powers of the world with regard to failure to recognize reasonable anxieties of local minorities, lack of interest to do so and repeated demands of the UNSC and the great powers for the affairs which have been officially stated by the Union Government that it would take necessary action? We, the people of Myanmar, will review their attitudes and opinions in comparison with those of India, China and Japan, who are great powers of the Asia Continent.
Great powers of the world which claimed recently that Myanmar’s democratic transition is the Hope of our Planet acted again as if Myanmar’s effort were of little value. We hereby assert that such deeds will never produce positive results, in fact they are counter-productive.


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