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July 08, 2020

Good Health towards Wealth

People do exercises at Kandawgyi National Park in Yangon. Photo: Nyi Zaw Moe
People do exercises at Kandawgyi National Park in Yangon. Photo: Nyi Zaw Moe

There is a saying “ Health is a great boon”. People are uttering the above saying trying to keep fit themselves. As everybody knows, we need to seek money to be alive comfortably in the world. We, however, should not ignore to keep ourselves fit. Most of the people neglect their health and then work hard to live comfortably along their life. The thing we should aware is that we cannot live comfortably without being healthy. Therefore, we have to follow the right way of living. If so, we can balance our life between wealth and health.
Sometimes, people lose their consciousness about health during working time. We, human beings, can work hard as much as we can when we are healthy. If we are unhealthy, we cannot use our energy and we cannot work. People who are reading about the above case will think that they know about it. However, I’m sure that sometimes, they neglect their health. As we are ordinary people, we have to suffer from physical or mental pain. Whatever, we need to prepare to possess good health. In my point of view, everyone should seek wealth by good health.

Some people do not sleep early at night and they do works till mid night. Moreover, those people usually think about work before sleep soundly. I think they cannot be fresh on the next day. That habit is not good for them. The next thing is eating healthy food properly. Some people do not have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. They just keep their stomach with fast food and junk food. They usually say that they eat these foods because they are busy as bees and they do not have enough time. For those people, some health experts say that “Your fast food can be your last food”. The saying reveals that fast food cannot help people to get enough energy. Thusly, those people should fix their eating styles.
Some of the busy people do not think to take a rest. Taking a rest is good for health. On the other hand, taking a rest can refill energy to work with freshness. The another thing is doing physical exercises. Most of the busy people do not have enough time to do physical exercises. But, we need to pay time for doing physical exercises. Most of the people get up lately when they are on holiday. If they get up early and do physical exercises (walking, running, doing aerobic, doing yoga, etc.), these doings will support them for possessing good health.
We, human beings, are struggling to be alive comfortably. We cannot struggle if we are unhealthy. So, we need to keep our mind and body fit when we are seeking wealth. If so, we can live comfortably when we are not able to work. Finally, I would like to express that “Let’s work with keeping ourselves fit”.


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