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February 29, 2020


GOAL means: Something that you hope to achieve, Synonym is AIM. e.g. to work towards a goal. To  achieve or attain a goal. e.g. You need to set yourself some long-term goals. Our ultimate goal must be the preservation of the environment. Synonym at TARGET.
– Oxford Dictionary

ROLE means: The function or position that somebody has or is expected to have in an organization, insociety or in a relationship: the role of the teacher in the classroom. She refused to take on  the traditional woman’s role. In many marriages, there has been a complete role reversal (change of role) with the man staying at home and the woman going out to work.

Now, let’s explore to discover the analytical meanings of the words GOAL & ROLE as follows:

G         for       Going All-out for Growth
O         for       Objective & Strategy
A         for       Action Plan
L         for       Live, Love & Learn to Grow
R         for       Resourceful Strategist
O         for       Outstanding Tactician
L         for       Leader
E         for       Emulator


The word GROW means: (1) INCREASE ̶ to increase in size, number, strength or quality: The company’s profit grew by 5% last year; She is growing in confidence all the time; The company is growing bigger all the time. (2) Develop skills: To develop and improve particular qualities or skills; e.g. She continues to grow as an artist. (3) BUSINESS: To grow something to increase in size, quality or number of something. e.g. we are trying to grow the business. – Oxford Dictionary

So, going all-out for growth means: Trying, striving, struggling with all one’s mind, heart and soul, unremittingly, never giving up, and never giving in, tremendously focusing on becoming:

  • Bigger
  • Stronger
  • More Mature
  • More Focused
  • Wiser
  • Better
  • Faster
  • Greater
  • More Consolidated
  • More Successful


            Objective means: Something that you are trying to achieve, synonym being GOAL; the main/ primary/ principal/ strategic objective; to meet and achieve your objectives (aims): e.g. you must set realistic aims and objectives for yourself. The main objective of this meeting is to give more information on our plans. For example, if your goal is to be slim and elegant, your objective will be to reduce weight (say,5lbs) a mouth until you become an ideal figure in your estimation. Strategy is: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. Strategy is the ways and means that you deploy to achieve your objective. Strategy can be understood as the PLAN OF ACTION. In common language, strategy is the JOURNEY to a certain DESTINATION which is the objective or Target or aim and object. A simple example is: To have lunch is your objective; CHOOSING A PARTICULAR RESTAURANT is YOUR STRATEGY, and choosing the dishes in the menu is your tactic.


            It is said: “Actions are ours; consequences belong to heaven.” It is also said: “You reap what you sow“; “Your action is your karma/ kamma which means fate“.

            The meaning of action is: The process of doing something in order to make something happen or to deal with a situation. e.g. The time has come for action if these beautiful animals are to survive. Firefighter took action immediately to stop the blaze spreading. What is the best course of action in the circumstances? She began to explain her plan of action to the group.

And the meaning of PLAN is: Something that you intend to do or achieve.
There are three separate elements in a plan of action:


                                                Objective                          Resources

After you have set an objective, you have to determine the means which are the resources in the forms of:

  • Human Resource
  • Financial Resource
  • Technological Resource
  • Material Resource
  • Information Resource

Without adequate, comprehensive resources, no strategist can achieve a lasting, worthwhile result.

As the formulation of a SMART strategy is important, the effective execution of the PLAN OF ACTION is equally important. SMART means: To be- SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, REALLSTIC, AND TIME-BOUND.


            To grow, you have got to live and move and have your being in growth. You must certainly breathe growth, and live, love and learn to grow proportionately. You have to grow under all circumstances sustainably, lastingly and you would be able to grow only if you have updated, upgraded, up-managed and up-led comprehensive resources. This means you have got to learn to continue growing. The mighty Napoleon Bonaparte was roundly defeated at Waterloo battle by Wellington because Napoleon failed to learn to upgrade his resources adequately to be relevant with the time. So, live, love and learn to grow continuously, with adequate resources continuously upgraded wisely.

Now, let’s also explore the wider meanings of ROLE as follows:


You must certainly play the role of a resourceful strategist. You have got to take charge, to take command, to be in charge or to be in command, with a masterful mind of a brilliant strategist.


As a resourceful strategist you have got to perform on the actual (battlefield) business as an unconquerable tactician. You have got to out-perform your opponent. In achieving victory decisively, you have got to go all-out, you have got to give all you have got ̶ you must give every bit of your resources and strengths; holding nothing back.


If you don’t lead dynamically, mighty forces will not come to your aid. As the hands-on, mind-on and heart-on leader, you must dare to move heaven and earth upside down. You must do or die. You must dare to burn all your boats. You must bear in mind that you have absolutely no retreat or defeat, but only triumphant victory, You must not despair or lose hope under any circumstances. You have got to remember, as a true leader, that courage is your sword, hope your shield, and wisdom your chariot!


Even if you have become a triumphant strategist and a courageous leader, you have got to remember and continue to practice TQM & TQL ̶ Total Quality Management, and Total Quality Leadership. You can’t afford to be complacent and myopic. For renewing your vitality and virility, you must emulate the great heroes and the brilliant minds of the past as well as those of the contemporary times.


First, have a daring dream, and then strategically translate it into reality without fail.


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