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May 31, 2020

Getting down to the real nitty-gritty or crux related to the drug trafficking issue

The out-break of opium wars in China in the 19th century has given an unforgettable lesson to the global people. In this 21st century, the neo-opium war makes the entire world people suffer the horrendous effects. The neo-opium war is transformed into drug trafficking in the form of secret trade which enables the culprits or perpetrators to earn a great deal of money and a large profit. Drug abuse among youngsters is a great threat to the energy of human posterity and communities around the world. Drug trafficking is an illegal trade which is highly lucrative for the traffickers and producers or processor of narcotic drugs or poppy growers. Initially, poppy growers sell the poppy as raw material to the illicit drug producers. Then the drugs are chemically produced in secret place. Psychotropic substances or drugs are also produced. Evidently, opium poppy fields can still be seen on the enormous lands or plots on earth. The largest opium poppy cultivation areas can be found in Afghanistan, golden triangle (borders of Myanmar-Thailand-Laos). This situation is one of the important parts of issue. All the illegal poppy fields must be destroyed and growers must be given harsh punishment as well. Every nation has enacted the law for the elimination of Drug Trafficking. The scourge of drug abuse and its related menaces to humans are much more severe than the power of nuclear weapons in the world. Illegal drugs are available at the secret market for those who want to buy them for taking pleasure. According to the law, buying, selling and possessing illegal drugs are criminal offences.
Even if the drug traffickers or dealers or distributors are caught, they can keep a secret of illegal drug distribution network. The drug addicts hardly ever disclose the illegal market place or dealers or distributors. Godfathers or the opium war lords are so powerful that they can influence or dominate on some corrupt public higher rank authorities. Therefore, it is difficult to track the drug ring and its mastermind. Under these circumstances, it is hard to eliminate the drug trafficking and prevent from consequential disasters in human society.
In fact, Junkies or drug addicts destroy the society or their lives under the influence of narcotic drug abuse. Nevertheless, they are merely the victims of the drug traffickers and illicit drugs. First, they buy or take illicit drugs to use for their pleasure sake or sensation or enjoyment. The successive use of narcotic drugs turns the users to become drug addicts. We, ordinary people are aware of the behaviors of drug addicts—the obsessive dependency on narcotic drugs. We do not particularly know the main sources, market and tracks of drug trafficking yet. As the international law enforcements and Interpol cannot crack down the notorious opium rings or gangs or transnational crime groups across the world, the following questions are raised by the global people.
Who are the godfathers of this illegal trade? Who are the latest opium warlords? Where are the huge areas of poppy cultivation and illegal markets in the world? How do the smugglers handle or operate this illegal drug transaction or trade in the world? Why is drug trafficking still persistently thriving in the world?
Occasional arrests on some world notorious opium ring leaders do not inhibit drug trafficking and constant illicit drug dealing goes on in the world. Normally, the crack heads know where the crack house is. The crack heads or junkies buy narcotic drugs such as heroin, cocaine, morphine, marijuana and cannabis and use them in the crack houses. The psychotropic substances are also sold illegally to the drug addicts or crack heads. How come this illegal market is alive or existent in metropolis or in cities? We ought to seriously find the secret track of the drug trafficking transaction or trade. Despite the presence of tight security and law enforcements, this illegal business penetrates deep into big cities and towns. Such situation is awfully astonishing and incredible. We need to undercover or investigate those who are involved in this illegal business effectively. We must support and help those who take responsibilities for cracking down or annihilating the drug trafficking actively.
Nowadays, all international airports, seaports, border lines are equipped with heightened security guards. They examine the incoming and outgoing travelers for security reason and searching the persons in possession of narcotics. Even then the drug traffickers are using different techniques to smuggle the drugs out and smuggle the drugs into the country. Even if the drug traffickers are apprehended, their mastermind or the ring leaders are at large. The purging or elimination of drug trafficking is the global concern indeed. The solution for drug trafficking issue has been probed for some decades and the strict or punitive laws have been enacted in almost every nation in the world. However, the drug traffickers disdainfully challenge against the drug laws and even their illegal business is still thriving secretly and lucratively. They even use weapons to protect or attack in case they are spotted by law enforcements. The challenge and threat of opium warlords must be combated with the Interpol and international law enforcements vigorously. This sort of illegal business is appallingly dangerous to entire human race because the consumers buy and use lethal drugs which do harm to their health gradually and the users get addicted to the effects. As a result, they become drug addicts and lose or deteriorate their sound minds influenced by drug addiction. The majority of drug addicts or junkies are in youthful life, but they cannot contribute to their society concerned due to lack of normal human energy caused by drug addiction. Thus, a certain society with a great number of drug addicts can have no human capital to establish its socio-economic development and defense services. The worst-case scenario would be for that society to be ruined as the majority of youths are being drug addicts. The governments concerned must tackle the problem with concerted efforts.
Unless we get down to the real nitty-gritty or the crux of the drug trafficking issue seriously, we would encounter menace in our society. The drug traffickers are common enemies of all societies in the world. The world communities must eliminate the sources of drug trafficking network, god fathers, and ring-leaders. The removal of the corrupt public officials or some corrupt personnel of law-enforcement is essential so that elimination of drug trafficking task can be smooth and successful. All those involved in this criminal circle must be penalized with the most punitive penalty— death sentence without any appeal regardless of nationalities, gender and social position. They are found guilty of two counts; homicide and crime against humanity. Narcotic drug abuse triggered the utter devastation of human capabilities and then the society concerned collapses. If the world leaders cooperate to combat the drug trafficking as a global task by using effective strategy and tactics, the culprits will not be able to escape any longer. We might face the difficulties in investigating and detecting the drug gang leaders or mastermind because they bribe the corrupt higher rank authorities to protect them from arrest in some societies. The trouble is that modern humans perceive money as God and some make money dishonestly. In this way, some poor people or persons get involved in illegal drug trafficking and they are considered as accomplices. They are well-paid to completely carry out drug trafficking secretly. The criminal mastermind behind the drug trafficking become millionaire. They live in safe haven with modern luxuries. They possess a great deal of money known as narco-dollars or narco-buck and sophisticated weapons. It is also known as black money. They usually execute some gangsters who betray them in this illegal trade. Also the narks are cruelly killed by the ring leaders. It is difficult for an undercover operation to find the information about the main source or distributor of illicit drugs to the various dealers and their routine across the world. Another challenge is that the gang leaders usually organize the ignorant or poor people to join their illegal organization or gangs with incentives and handsome payment.
The world most notorious drug trafficking gangs base their secret organizations in Italy and in Mexico. The ring leaders manipulate their members into doing the business successfully and secretly. They operate illegal drug cartels and compete with similar illegal organizations. They use to infiltrate into other drug trafficking gangs to get the information secretly. Sometimes, the power struggle occurs among the different gangs.
Among them, the Mafia gang is the most powerful and the leaders or bosses are cruel, wicked and smart. The Mafia gang has been in existence for several years, but no government can crush it completely. Even though some lower rank ring leaders and Mafiosi are arrested and imprisoned, the illegal business is still booming worldwide. Rarely, the gang leaders are caught in the world and they always escape from justice and law. The Mafia’s bases are in Sicily islands, Italy, America and Mexico. Since the dug trafficking business is lucrative, the gang can buy sophisticated weapons, land vehicles, expensive houses motor vessels and even some aircraft. By observing these difficult and important circumstances carefully, we must get down to real nitty-gritty or crux related to drug trafficking issue across the world. The ordinary people, all governments, law enforcements, Interpol, the United Nations have to find the practical and effective solutions to eliminate the drug trafficking. The international extradition treaty of drug traffickers is signed by many countries. As a result, the drug traffickers cannot run from one country to another and they can be brought to justice. Actually drug users and drug addicts are not guilty, but they are just victims of the greedy, selfish and inhumane opium warlords in the world. The real culprits such as godfathers, drug traffickers, dealers and illicit drugs manufacturers are absolutely guilty for this dreadful illegal business. The corrupt public officials, corrupt personnel from law enforcement, corrupt governments and accomplices involved in this case in some societies are also guilty indeed. Equally, they must be punished in accord with the law for corruption and irresponsibility. The legal actions taken against the drug traffickers are arresting, punishing (executing the offenders by firing squad), confiscating the drugs and destroying the confiscated drugs as well. However, the entirety of drug trafficking operation has not yet been crushed or annihilated completely. We need to heighten an awareness of eliminating drug trafficking and cooperate with the incorruptible, dutiful and ideal authorities concerned. If bribery and corruption or irresponsibility prevails in the administration and law enforcement, the main ring leaders of drug trafficking and their lackeys will disdain the prescribed laws. Therefore, the corruption and irresponsibility are the great hindrance to annihilation of the drug trafficking.
The potentials for progress and development of the youths who have become drug addicts can be damaged. Youths are the ones who are the workforce or man power of any society. Due to narcotic drug influence, the physical and moral conditions deteriorate gradually. Afterwards, the youths cannot serve for their society and the society concerned would lose human capital totally. This dreadful impact of drug addiction is an important part of issue indeed.
Every society on earth must purge or annihilate the illicit drug trafficking as a national concern. Otherwise, the impact of drug trafficking will lead to the annihilation of the human race. To be able to annihilate the drug trafficking, the specific tactics and effective strategy must be laid down. All governments, International communities, international intelligence agents, Interpol, international law enforcements are to work together in wiping out the menace of illegal drug trafficking. The most important fact is that all those involved in taking responsibilities for tackling this issue must be incorruptible, dutiful, ideal, honest and gallant. This is the nitty-gritty or crux to the issue. Let’s save our posterity from the menace of drug abuse!!!!


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