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February 29, 2020

From Wishful-thinking to Reality

IT is a global alarm that the acts of terrorism and extremism prevail in some countries. Consequently, the global innocent people get insecure and dejected because of the ruthless and threatening danger of terrorists and extremists. This is the open warfare between brutal scoundrels and civilized people. These scoundrels practice extreme ideology among global communities. However, sensible people utterly oppose, reject and denounce their manifesto. In the world, the victims of terrorists are seemingly helpless and homeless, demanding for the stability of peace and security. Some of those who fled to remote barren border areas in fear of terrorists are even starving. Therefore, we should not only express concern, but also should urgently help the victims or refugees with humanitarian aid such food, shelters, clothing, and medicines and clean drinking water etc. To provide security, the deployment of international forces or UN peace keeping forces should be made available around the location or refuge where they now stay in. Besides, we should help the refugees find safe haven for them as well. We, all the sympathetic and affectionate people should help and protect their human lives as much as we can.There is no boundary for charities and social work  contributing to all mankind on earth indeed. In the mean time, we ought to cooperate among global nations for the benefit of all mankind so that we can enjoy peaceful co-existence and guarantee the ever-lasting human inhabitation on earth surely.
All the countries in the world must definitively reach the broad consensus for combating the terrorism as well as extremism anywhere. Merely protecting the innocent people from the danger of terrorism is not the solution. Obviously, any kind of terrorists is the common enemies of the global communities. In both poor countries and rich countries, we all must firmly resolve to fight and track down the sources of terrorism in order to create pleasant, peaceful and secured world. In addition, we should treat each other with warmth, compassion and humanity wherever we are. Actually, the prevalence of Justice, equity, mutual understanding, harmony and benevolence leads to peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the world.
Nowadays, no country in the world can act without regard for the opinion of others. Since the globalization created by modern technologies, our world seems like a global village. Therefore, we the global peoples ought to live through thick and thin forever. Unless there are violence and terrorists in the world, we can travel, trade and communicate with any regions or continents happily and safely. The world social standards and economies will tremendously develop in line with globalization. The situation free from threats and worries encourages us to deal with international communities easily and effectively for human endeavor. Thus, certainly we can exchange our sincerity, fraternity, goodwill and loving-kindness among the different peoples in the world.
In conclusion, we are human beings so we protect the innocent people and avoid from any danger or chaos. However, we are facing the so-called
man–made disaster known as terrorism in this age whose intensity is very huge and fierce. The act of terrorism is spreading in various countries in the world. We are responsible for safeguarding the innocent and peace-loving peoples. If we really want to see our world in peaceful situation, we should not express wishful-thinking all the time. Instead of saying wishful-thinking, we must practically work together in harmonious unanimity for peace building process among nations. Let’s try to be a humane, helpful and kind person to other humans!!!!


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