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July 02, 2020

Foreign Affairs Ministry summons Malaysian Ambassador over Najib’s irresponsible remarks

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs U Kyaw Tin summoned Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Mohd. Haniff Bin Abd Rahman yesterday afternoon, and expressed his dismay that the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib bin Tun Razak led a public rally in Kula Lumpur on 4th December and made irresponsible remarks against the Government of a fellow ASEAN member state citing unverified and unsubstantiated allegations.
The Minister of State also categorically rejected the accusations of “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” which were far from the realities on the ground. Such irresponsible remarks could worsen the already deepening polarization between the two communities and incite violent extremism.
The Malaysian Ambassador was also informed of Myanmar’s desire to maintain and strengthen friendly relations with ASEAN family members and of the need not to be misled by the disinformation campaigns waged by certain groups with ulterior motives against Myanmar. The Minister of State also stressed the importance of upholding ASEAN spirit of friendship and cooperation as well as the principle of peaceful resolution of disputes between member states through dialogue, consultation and negotiation.
The Malaysian Ambassador was also informed of the strenuous efforts taken by the Government of Myanmar to resolve the issues in Rakhine State, including the establishment of the Advisory Commission led by Dr. Kofi Annan and a national level Investigation Commission. The Minister of State also stressed the need for the international community to assist Myanmar in its efforts to maintain peace, stability and security of the people and to make progress in building better relations between the two communities, instead of making calls based on unverified allegations that will only cause bigger problems than solutions. The Ambassador was also informed that any action that could radicalize extremist movements would endanger not only ASEAN unity but also regional peace and stability. On its part, Myanmar will continue to strive to achieve harmony, peace and prosperity among all ASEAN member states and beyond.—Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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