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June 04, 2020


UEC urges political parties to prevent conflict

A Myanmar national casts his ballot for advance voting at Myanmar embassy in Egypt. Photo: MNA
A Myanmar national casts his ballot for advance voting at Myanmar embassy in Egypt. Photo: MNA

THE Union Election Commission requested on Monday that political parties and candidates oversee their political campaigns and to follow the law in order to prevent conflicts.
The UEC announcement stated that as the 8 November election is drawing near, the increasing tempo of political campaigns might cause conflicts due to confrontations.
Political campaigns need to be kept under special supervision by political parties and candidates in order to prevent unnecessary events impacting members of the parties and their supporters, said the statement.
Sub-election commissions nationwide will ban campaigns that are not in conformity with the law and will take legal action against the personnel concerned if necessary.
The UEC and its sub-election commissions, which are obliged to hold the election freely and fairly, will effectively supervise the political campaigns in coordination with local authorities as a precaution to prevent conflicts.
Meanwhile, the UEC issued another statement on Monday denying the request of candidates and political parties to include people who have been living outside their constituencies for more than 180 days in the voter lists of their current constituencies, as the deadline for such an arrangement had already passed.
The announcement of the UEC on Monday stated that its announcement dated 10 July 2015 urged voters to apply to sub-election commissions in order to vote in the constituencies where they are currently living if they do not want to cast their votes for the election in their original constituencies.
The deadline to apply expired on 10 October 2015, according to the UEC.—GNLM


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