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July 14, 2020

Flower vases from Twentay mainly go to Yangon’s parks

Potters making in clay on pottery wheel in Twentay Township. Photo: GNLM/Phoe Khwar

LOCAL clay pot manufacturers say that a wide range of flower vases produced from Twentay the most accessible delta town from Yangon, have chiefly been sent to Yangon’s parks and gardens, according to a report from the Myawady Daily.
The majority of earthenware manufactured in the town are used as decorative objects in parks, gardens and other public recreation areas, said Daw Hla Yee, an owner of a family vase production business in Twentay.
“A wide variety of earthenware with different styles and sizes are available in Twentay. We also sold clay pots predominately to Ye, Dawei and Myeik townships of Taninthayi Region,” she added.
An experienced pot maker in partnership with a helper can make about 1,000 traditional earthen pot toys per day.
“We sell a water pot for between Ks 1,500 and Ks 8,000 each, while the selling price of a vase ranges from Ks 200 to Ks 3,500, but the small-size toy pots are currently sold for Ks 50 to Ks 100 per item,” Daw Hla Yee said.


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