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June 04, 2020

Entrance fee to be collected from globetrotters at ancient cultural heritage areas

185015_264173890367650_2104451447_nMandalay, 27 Oct — A plan is underway to collect entrance fee for foreigners at Ohtoktan port near ancient Inwa city which is one of the ancient cultural heritages in Mandalay Region, according to the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Mandalay Region).
“Arrangements are being made to collect the entrance fee to ancient cultural heritage zones from globetrotters at Ohtoktan port. In ancient Inwa city, the department collects entrance fee at two points, namely, Mei Nu Brick Monastery and Bagaya monastery, although there are many sites of ancient cultural heritages. The department opens free for all at other ancient sites. Some foreigners enter Inwa area crossing Dokhtawady River via Ohtoktan Port. But, some foreigners do not enter the region not to pay fees for entrance. As such, officials arrange to collect the entrance fee from globetrotters to minimize waste of income,” an official of Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Mandalay Region).
The significant ancient cultural heritage sites in Mandalay Region are Mandalay Golden Monastery and Myanan Sankyaw Golden Palace. Likewise, there are more ancient heritage sites, namely, Mei Nu Brick Monastery and Bagaya wooden monastery in Inwa of Sagaing Township, Bagaya monastery and Pyadalin Cave in Amarapura.
Each foreigner must buy K10,000 prepaid card for their visits to the ancient cultural areas in Mandalay Region. They may visit remaining ancient cultural heritage areas free of charge. Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)


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