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August 08, 2020

Enhancing socioeconomic lives through information technology

The Myanmar Institute of Information Technology in Mandalay has got a new main building. Photo: Kyaw Zeya
The Myanmar Institute of Information Technology in Mandalay has got a new main building. Photo: Kyaw Zeya

Kyaw Zeya

THE Myanmar Institute of Information Technology was recently founded at the corner of 73rd Street and Ngushwewah Street in Mandalay through technological cooperation between Myanmar and India. The university will conduct undergraduate and postgraduate courses starting from the 2015-16 academic year and will provide theoretical and practical lessons through international research pedagogies by linking with the information technology industry.
The development of information and communication technologies plays a major role in a country’s human resource development.
A glimpse at the international economic arena shows that information technology is the most lucrative market in the world. It is necessary to cooperate with the international community with the aims of developing economic and education sectors by applying advanced information technology, acquiring technologies from the international community and promoting basic economic research.
Equipment for the students who will study at the university will also be provided during their courses. Teaching aids such as smart boards and projectors, a tele-presence classroom system that allow students to participate in courses at the IIIT-B University of India, an exam pad system that assesses students through daily and weekly tests and an online system to announce test results and projects will shift students’ focus from rote learning to practical performance.
Successful students will be offered undergraduate degrees in computer science, electronics and communications. The university will also offer a postgraduate diploma in software development. The degrees will be internationally recognised.
Experts from the International Institute of Information Technology of India in Bangalore will teach the students, ensuring that their courses are up to international standards.
A glimpse of the development of information technology in Myanmar shows that universities of computer science in the country have generated 43,937 graduates, but it is necessary to train more experts because of increasing foreign investment. To fulfil the needs of the industry with local technicians will increase the GDP and contribute to the economic growth of the country.


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