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April 10, 2020

Endangered tigers in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary to be observed using camera traps

With the help of 50 camera traps, research to survey the habits of endangered tigers in the areas of Nanphilin and Nanyanyin of Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary will be conducted.
In an attempt to survey the number of Indian (or Bengal) tigers and their habits, two blocks are separated in each area, with 50 camera traps installed in one block.
“Camera traps aim to capture and detect the habitat of tigers and their prey. Wildlife staff who is accustomed to the habitat of wildlife animals managed to install the traps”, said U Kyaw Moe, in charge of Sagaing Region for Wildlife Conservation Society (Myanmar).
There are two tiger species in Myanmar; Indian (or) Bengal tigers and Indo-China tigers. Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary is also a natural habitat of Indian (or Bengal) tigers.
During FY 2015-2016, a camera trapping survey was systematically conducted, setting 25 camera points for each block. Two camera traps were placed in each monitoring point and those points are 2 kilometers away from each other. This survey is jointly carried out by the Forest Department, Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary Forest Department and Wildlife Conservation Society (Myanmar).—Nyitoo


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