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July 09, 2020

End armed conflicts without losing sight of people’s aspirations

  • At every meeting with locals during her visits to the regions and states, the State Counsellor has listened to the concerns of the people and tried to fulfil their needs as far as possible.
    The issues raised by the people mostly involve education, health, economy, transportation, safe drinking water, land confiscation, and electrification.
    The Union Government is working to upgrade towns to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people, and providing help to ensure the same for people in rural areas.
    The development of border regions and far-flung hilly areas is especially being given a priority by the government.
    While the Union Government is working hard to find sustainable solutions to bring about peace, stability, and development in Rakhine State, the recent fighting ignited by attacks on police outposts by the AA group has further complicated the situation in the state.
    The attacks have highlighted the urgent need for a nationwide ceasefire agreement, under the ongoing national peace process.
  • The attacks on police outposts have disrupted not only the rule of law, but also the daily lives and security of the local people.
    What is worse, the AA deliberately chose to attack civilian targets, setting fire to a vessel carrying construction materials worth about K1.072 billion on 16 March. The shipment was meant for the Paletwa Bridge project across the Kaladan river.
    There has been widespread condemnation among the public of AA’s terrorist act of burning and destroying a civilian vessel transporting materials meant for the development of Rakhine State.
    The attack on the civilian target has highlighted the need for communal peace and rule of law to carry out regional development aspired to by the people. It has also highlighted the fact that armed conflicts only hinder regional development projects and pose obstacles to the aspirations of the local people.
    The Union Government is committed to overcoming the grave challenges it has faced in Rakhine. From the very beginning of its term, the government has made rule of law and sustainable` development in Rakhine, for which there is a vital need in the state, a national priority.
    To ensure long-term peace and harmony in the State, the incumbent government has been doing its utmost to meet the security and humanitarian needs of the people, in line with the recommendations of the commission led by the late Dr. Kofi Annan.
    To end ongoing armed conflicts, we would like to urge the Government, the Tatmadaw, and the ethnic armed organizations to resolve issues through negotiation, without losing sight of the goal of total peace for the country.


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