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June 07, 2020

Elephant Museum to open at Wingabaw camp in March

Mahouts seen cleaning elephants at the Winga Baw Elephant Camp near Yangon-Mandalay Highway. Photo: Thwe thwe tun
Mahouts seen cleaning elephants at the Winga Baw Elephant Camp near Yangon-Mandalay Highway. Photo: Thwe Thwe Tun

A museum dedicated to pachyderms will open in March at the Wingabaw Elephant Conservation Camp in Bago Township. Officials expect more tourists to visit the camp this year once the museum is inaugurated.
The Wingabaw Elephant Conservation Camp opened on 3 November, 2016. It is located on the Phayagyi-Bawnet road in Bago Township, 3 miles and 7 furlongs from milepost 39. In the beginning, the Wingabaw Elephant Camp recorded few visitors. Later, the number of visitors increased to around 50-100 per day. Now, the camp sees around 200-400 visitors on the weekends.
In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the Wingabaw Elephant Camp earned K80.6 million from visitors, making it the highest earning camp in Myanmar. In the last 10 months, an elephant museum has been constructed at the camp. The building for the museum was completed in January and the museum is set to open in March.
Initially, the elephant camp was aimed solely at conserving elephants. Now, the camp also provides elephant-related activities where visitors can feed baby and adult elephants, give them a bathe, and take a ride. There is also a playground for children. In addition, visitors can plant trees at the camp under a special programme.
“This year, the number of tourists visiting the Wingabaw elephant camp has increased. Earlier, there were only 20 tourists visiting the camp in a month. Now, there are around 70-100 tourists visiting the camp. The elephant museum will be opened in March and the infrastructure for the museum is complete. They only need to install the skeleton of an elephant. We will also decorate the museum with ivory hangings. But, we need more assistance and advice from experts,” said an official from the Elephant Camp. Currently, there are 18 elephants at the Wingabaw Elephant Conservation Camp. —Aye Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)


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