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August 08, 2020

Economy or Education? The prior of life!

Salai Peter Lian Biak Cin Thang

Two means for an end: Which of the means is a higher priority for the masses in achieving an end? An end that aims for a better standard of living among people. Life is short so we should make it worthwhile a living. Every person on the planet earth, I believe, desires a life that is fit to do with a living. The life of the people in Myanmar is substandard both in terms of economy and education. Which is more important? An appraisal to the means, we understand that economy and education is a necessity for Myanmar to promote the standard of living among the people. But can we achieve this?
A good economy, no doubt, brings development to the people and the state as a whole. Development is one of the important things for making a better life on Earth and with this new age, development has been a very popular word among the people. Many a time, people spoke of it and guaranteed it as a means of change in the country. In other words, development as a means for a better standard of living. The guarantors make people concerned about development and what it will bring or what it looks like in reality. In fact, the process of development has filled the people’s mind with the desire of possession and wealth. Moreover by imitating others’ lifestyles, cultures and even ideas it has caused us to question whether development is really a priority in life. No doubt, having possessions and wealth enhance peoples’ life, but what is wealth and possession without education? Can we really take care of our possessions and wealth without education? In this world where manipulation and all sorts of individualistic ideas pop up, how can we defend and produce goods for oneself, others and collectively as a state. I believe the best way is education followed closely by economy.
In my opinion, economic development can be achieved only if there is a development in education. It is through education that we will be able to think and act accordingly with the available resources which indeed will bring a standard of living for the people to an acceptable level. Furthermore, education is what gives us dignity, value and sets our goals. So, wealth and possession are not really the priorities of life but in fact education is priority in life. Amartya Sen who is an Indian economist once claimed, “The purpose of development is to enrich human lives, not richness of economy which is only a part of it.” But the question is how can we enrich human lives a high standard of living? To enrich human lives, there is only one way. That is education. By embracing education first, it gives the knowledge ‘to know how’ to achieve the appropriate standard of living in which development also plays it part. In fact, it is a tool that allows everyone to have an equal share and equal participation among people.
However, education has been ineffective as it needs to be for the past few years. It is surprising sometimes that how we the youth of today consider education. Are we trying in the process of education ‘understand how it is, or to simple accept how it is?’ We sometimes are not so serious when we are in the process of education or even if we are we don’t realize how powerful it is. Sadly, there are even times where we are reluctant to share education with others. Therefore, this is a call for Myanmar to take a serious, bold and thoughtful step on ‘understand how it is’ to achieve the development in the standard of living. The only means ‘understand how it is’ is only education, where all sorts of matter in life can be comprehended.
Therefore, don’t forget that education is a critical choice: make the right choice. For me I choose education as a priority in life for an increase in the standard of living. What’s your choice?


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