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August 09, 2020

Djenkol cultivators make good profits due to high yield

Djenkol fruits. Photo: District IPRD

Thanks to the high yield of Djenkol fruits in the Papun Township in Kayin State, the Djenkol is reaping profits in the local market.
“Last year, the Djenkol fruit had a lower yield. But this year, the yield was high in our region because we are taking time before cultivating for the next season. For example, if the fruit has a lower yield this year, we will get a high yield next year. This year, we made good profits because of the high yield. The fruit is selling well in the local market,” said a Djenkol fruit local cultivator.
The Djenkol fruit from the Papun Township is sold in the Hpa-an, Mawlamyine and Yangon. Some of the cultivators sell their fruits in the market, while some sell them to Djenkol fruit traders. Some Djenkol fruit traders buy the fruit from the farmland itself.
Last year, the price of Djengkol fruit was Ks18,000 per basket. However, this year, the local cultivators are selling the Djenkol fruit at Ks22,000 per basket.
Djengkol fruits are cultivated mainly in Pae Wah, Dweloe, Mawthitdaw, Pantun, Parlar, Paykay, Daypunu, Kawpok and Meenannwe villages in the Papun Township of Kayin State.


Papun District IPRD


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