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April 01, 2020

Diplomats respond constructively to handling of violence

Diplomats and departmental officials are seen during their visit to northern Rakhine.
Diplomats and departmental officials are seen during their visit to northern Rakhine.
UN coordinator Renata.
UN coordinator Renata.

Diplomats who visited Rakhine State responded constructively to the government’s handling of the situation after 9th October violent attacks on border guard police posts at a press conference held at the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon yesterday morning.
Not all incidents in Rakhine State affected local people as negatively as they were accused of, and local people welcomed the security provided by border guards, British Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Andrew Patrick was quoted as saying at the press conference.
U.N. coordinator Renata said she was very sorry for people who were stranded in the situation and to learn that another border guard post was attacked six hours before they left the state. Although some houses were burnt in some villages, there are still many houses left, she added.
She also asked the government to provide security to displaced people who returned their homes, saying that the government has agreed with the international community to give assistance to local people.
Diplomats including the U.S. and British ambassadors and EU and U.N. officials visited early this week the areas where armed violent attacks happened killing nine police officers at border posts with Bangladesh in Maungtaw Township on 9 October.
At the press conference, the diplomats also welcomed the government’s cooperation with them to give access to aid workers in norther Rakhine state, where deadly attacks on police border guard posts took place.
“We hope that this is the first step for greater access for us to resume humanitarian assistance,” said U.S Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Scot Marciel.
In Tokyo yesterday, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi pledged to resolve ethnic conflicts, including the tensions in Rakhine state, and called for investment from Japanese companies for stable development.
“All the incidents that have taken place in Rakhine will be examined and that will be done in accordance with our laws and regulations. We will find out what really happened and then action will be taken accordingly, in line with the rule of law through due process,” Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told a press conference in Tokyo.


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