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January 20, 2020

Demand dwindles for wooden wheelmakers

A wheelmaker working at the workplace.
A wheelmaker working at the workplace.

DEMAND for wooden carriage wheels is gradually declining in Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region, local wheelmakers say.
“It is linked to the declining of use of bullock carts in the region’s transportation and agriculture sectors as people replace them with modern machinery,” said one wheelmaker.
“In the past, we could sell seven sets of new bullock carts per year. The market has fallen into a decline over a few years. We currently receive two to three orders from buyers each year,” the wheelmaker said.
“We normally sell a bullock cart at a price of between K600,000 (US$495) and K700,000 ($577).”
The wooden wheels are mainly produced in Wayone Village, Yamethin Township. Currently, only four wheel makers remain in the village.
They usually use teak and Padauk wood in making the traditional farm carts.




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