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February 20, 2020

Decide Daringly After Assessing Right!

  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • On 27 July, that is, on the anniversary ceremony of the Ministry of the Office of the State Counselor the above-said wording was addressed by the State Counselor as the working guidelines to abide by in serving the interest of the country and its people. In the 2015 multi-party democratic general election, the ruling party that gained the landslide victory contested for parliamentarian seats by claiming, “Now is time to change.” It was said “Time to change,” was meant for “Time to change mindsets.” Quite right in saying so! Without changing evil mindsets, any effective changes cannot be achieved.
    The State Counselor did stress the need for the government itself to commence to change its mindsets if we wanted to have people’s attitudes and mindsets changed. A government consist people-elected leaders and governmental personnel. And, a government is the one who serves for a short term whereas governmental personnel are those who are deep-rooted ones for years. As they remain unchanged in their stationary positions without changing ways of thinking, modus operandi and attitudes, they are required to change their mindsets, as a priority.
    People’s government must be able to confront any criticisms of the people with solemn courage, being the government consisting of all the governmental service-men, always taking people’s suppositions into consideration. For the betterment of the nation it must exert its efforts, working hand in hand with the people. With a view to developing the nation, governmental personnel must apply their calibers to the best for the nation, regardless of advantages and disadvantages, cultivating good habits.
    The State Counselor disclosed frankly, “Just at the time it became a ruling party after giving various promises in the election campaign, negligence of people’s desires is not the deed of a good government. In making the road map of the country known to the public, it is impossible to indulge in the people’s needs blindfold. Instead, the government itself must be able to assess in a right way and to decide daringly, as to whether their demands are really right or not. In claiming “Now is time to change,” government staff must be able to build up people’s trust by changing their mindsets as pioneers. Provided that the government will gain people’s trust, the national image will become the grandeur and virtue for the nation as well as for its people. Though democracy is a system in which the majority’s likes and desires are to be followed by all, the people must make efforts to be well convinced that the majority’s likes and desires are reasonable or not. Democracy—a system in which the majority’s likes and desires are to be followed by all, ipso facto, cannot become a perfect one if people lack the wisdom to decide which are right and which are wrong.
    At the present time we are building up a federal democratic union, we are experiencing many challenges. Meanwhile, whenever we meet public affairs we must make efforts to move on a right way by deciding daringly after assessing right. To sum it up, we must exert our efforts to be well-equipped with abilities of good judgment and tolerance towards criticism in serving the interest of the nation and its people.


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