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July 02, 2020

Dawei building boom brings boon to brick makers

A woker making bricks in Dawei. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency
A woker making bricks in Dawei. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency

THE expansion of construction enterprises in Myanmar’s southern Dawei District, located in Taninthayi Region, means good business for brick manufacturers.
The brick trading market has prospered over the last year, with the price of bricks also slightly appreciating in value.
“In previous years, we fired kiln after kiln of bricks for our customers as they were ordered. This year, though, and the onslaught of orders means we are constantly working, to the point where we have to ask our regular customers to wait,” said Daw Khin Ma Kyo, a brick manufacturer from Taung Min Pyaung Village. A brick kiln can produce an average of 16,000 bricks per day, but they take about a week to cool before they can be sold. Brick manufacturers rent out land from landowners and hiring workforces of over 40 workers to operate the brick kilns.
“We’re selling more concrete bricks these days than last year. More people with disposable income are buying bricks. But since it’s the summer though, the price [of bricks] hasn’t really increased; the rainy season is when prices go up,” said Ko Min Min Soe of Sofia Brick Traders in Dawei.
The price of concrete bricks is higher than that of clay bricks, but they sell better as housing construction workers prefer their larger size.
—Myitmakha News Agency
There has been a significant increase in the number of brick manufacturers in Dawei District over the last year or so, with the current number of manufacturers totalling approximately 50, compared with around 30 manufacturers in 2015. —Myitmakha News Agency


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