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February 29, 2020

Danu-Phyu Old fortress and the tomb of Mahabandoola, a Myanmar General of great renown, should be a tourist attraction

The epitaph for General Mahbandoola and his brief Biography.
The epitaph for General Mahbandoola and his brief Biography.

The town named Danu-Phyu is in the Ayeyarwaddy Division in Myanmar. Danu-Phyu Old fortress and the tomb of Mahabandoola attract visitors from various places of Myanmar. The visitors pay tribute to the tomb of Mahabandoola with great honor. General Mahabandoola was renowned in Myanmar history for his patriotic spirit and the bold fight against the British imperialist army. The British had waged war on Myanmar known as the first Anglo-Burmese war from 1824 till 1826 particularly in the areas of Arakan coastal and Ten-nin-thary coastal divisions.. During that space of time, even the British army was shocked to recognize Mahabandoola’s brilliant and brave fight-back power and military tactics. There is a Myanmar saying ; “You have Bandoola blood if you are so brave to do right things.” This implies that if a person is brave enough to fight or crush the enemies for the truth or fairness. We Myanmar deeply honor the heroic blood of General Mahabandoola.
Myanmars and foreigners, who would like to study Myanmar historical sites, need to visit that particular site or location. Then they may examine with the historical facts with the remnants there. Even then, how valiantly Mahabandoola had died in action while defending the British army’s attempt in occupying Myanmar territory. The ruins of Danu Phyu fortress and his tomb nearby it remind us to uphold the patriotism and the spirit of anti-colonialists. Obviously, in the course of history, the successive Myanmar kings, countrymen and the royal army had ardently defended and safeguarded our own territory. General Ma Ha Bandoola was one of the valiant generals during the 19th century in Myanmar. He was honored and recognized by all Asian countries for his gallantry and patriotism.

Danu-Phyu Old fortress in ruin
Danu-Phyu Old fortress and the tomb of Mahabandoola should be maintained well and they should be regarded as significant historical site in Danuphyu. Both local and foreign visitors can visit these sites. The ruins of Danu-Phyu Old fortress is still can be seen. The archaeological Department should excavate the old fortress to restore and appear the foundation as vivid s as possible. That site should be kept free from any human habitat which looks unclear to the historical Danu-Phyu Old fortress.The site should not be mixed with other objects such as houses and dumped- garbage. The area itself should be marked with blue plaque inscribing “Old Danu-Phyu fortress” in both languages Myanmar and English. Thus, the local and foreign historians will be able to easily study and view the old fortress. The tomb of Mahar Bandoola is in the huge compound of the Buddhist monastery. Both Myanmar and English languages should be used on the stone inscription or epitaph beside the tomb of Mahar Bandoola so that the foreign visitors as well as historians can understand and make record of it clearly.

Danu-Phyu Old fortress.
Danu-Phyu Old fortress.

Epitaph for General Mahbandoola and his brief Biography
Danu-Phyu is not very far away from Yangon and now the road to Danu-Phyu from Yangon is pretty good and smooth. The tourists can access to that site and it will become one of the interesting places in Danu-Phyu. Even then , locals, all levels of students can make excursion trip to Danu-Phyu Old fortress and tomb site of Mahar Bandoola. History major students can visit and study there as well. Since Mahar Bandoola was a national hero in our history, his heroic defense for Myanmar territory should be significantly recorded and the old Danu-Phyu Fortress be restored properly.
We honor and pay tribute to our national heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence, patriotism and own sovereignty. General Maha Bandoola’s heroic landmark will be embedded in Myanmars’ hearts and in Myanmar history indeed.


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