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February 29, 2020

Dangers of chemical pesticide on humans

Pesticide is an umbrella term that encompasses herbicides and insecticides. Both of them are pervasive chemicals in the environment, while herbicides are believed to pose a bigger threat because they are highly concentrated in the water supply, due to runoff from agricultural use.
Experts remarked that majority of Myanmar farmers lack knowledge how to use pesticides systematically, while pesticide companies concentrate only on their increasing sale amount of their products.  Abundant use of low quality insect killers is now presenting dangers to people in Myanmar rural areas. The threat is at the peak during winter crop season.
Children are at greater risk of pesticide exposure than most adults. Many children in rural areas are being exposed to pesticides sprayed in the agricultural farms as schools are located near agricultural farms. When pesticides are sprayed on crops, insect killers spread into classrooms through the air.
Chemical pesticides develop leukemia three to nine times more often when pesticides are used around their homes. Brain tumors and other cancers in children have been linked with exposures to insecticides. Acute and chronic injury to nervous system, lung damage, reproductive dysfunction, and possibly dysfunction of hormone and immune systems can be caused by pesticides.
Depending on the dose, pesticides may cause a range of harmful health effects and may hamper ecosystems. The prevalent exposure of rural residents in the country has caused concern over their potential health consequences, alarming as their effects are believed to induce devastating and life-long diseases, and deformities in children and unborn fetuses. Pesticide residues can enter human digestive system through their diets.
No one has guaranteed the safety of pesticides yet, while many pesticides have not been thoroughly tested for their health effects on children.  Scientific studies involving laboratory animals have shown that many pesticides damage the developing brain and nervous system.
While chemical pesticides are unavoidably used in agricultural sector due to high cost of organic pesticide, education programmes for farmers and strict rules and regulations will be needed to reduce the dangers of killer pesticides.


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