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May 29, 2020

Creature comforts, modern luxuries, power, wealth and popularity are endless cravings in human life

Life span begins from the date of birth to the date of death. During that space of time, every human being tackles or overcome difficulties, problems and obstacles to survive in their existence. Besides, some people can live in the longer life-span and some can only live in the shorter life-span. We all know that ‘Man is mortal’,
but we need to maintain and sustain our life to some degree.” Life is like a roller-coaster”, “Life is like a merry-go-round” and “Life is not a bed of roses” are the metaphorical expressions pertaining to human life. These expressions are already embedded in our minds. A human life is so full of ups and downs or fluctuations and difficulties. Unexpectedly, we encounter sad events and happy events in our life. In this situation, we must be able to resist and endure the life struggle and troubles.The destiny controls and draws us. The destiny of individual is hidden in his or her life. Sometimes, we come across with unforeseen fame and fortune. Basically, humans beings have to struggle for their survival, but nobody can predict or speculate their fate and longevity. Some people face hardship in life, but other people face easy life. Every position in life is unstable and impermanent. We humans must have endurance, strong morale and bravery to overcome hindrances and difficulties in life. To be able to have a comfortable life, we must struggle hard. When a stroke of luck hits someone, his or her life is changed into better position. It happens once in a blue moon. In accordance with our luck, effort and intelligence, our status or social standing can be classified into two kinds of groups_ the haves and the have-nots. The haves are economically advantaged people and the have-nots are economically disadvantaged people. These two different circumstances can be seen in human society on earth. At present, the total population of human beings has reached six billion so far. According to the record of 2014 made by Forbes Magazine global wealth team, we have learned that the number of billionaires reached 1,645 (one thousand six hundred forty-five) in the world. (Reference; Inside The 2014 Forbes Billionaires List: Facts And Figures).The remaining people are average and below average in social standing in the world. Therefore, we can even count the number of rich people and countries, but the number of poor countries is uncountable in the world. It reveals that the group of the proletariat is greater in number than those of the rich all over the world. The proletariat cannot fully enjoy the secular pleasure or worldly pleasure with modern luxuries and modern housing. They lead the mundane life although they try hard. Nevertheless, the proletariat dream of endless cravings in their life. They wish their dream had come true.
A lifelong period is filled with mystery, misery, happiness and unforeseen circumstances. Apart from these situations, we gear up to tackle the good or bad things when we are alive. Similarly, we have been seeking material wealth and comforts as much as we can. There is nobody who does not want to be a rich person in the modern secular society. We always think of making our fortunes.
Human life may vary from one society to another society. Individual life is also different from one another. The rich, the poor and the destitute are the classification of their characteristics. Every human wants to be a rich person in his or her life. It is human nature that we want a comfortable, rich, easy life with luxuries.The dream of every human is to live in the human paradise. In reality, life is very difficult for us to gain a comfortable position indeed. Even when a person dies, he or she has not satisfied with cravings or creature comforts of his or her life. So, no matter a person is rich or poor, the endless desires for life dominate him or her until he or she dies. The perspective on human life depends on different standings of the people concerned i.e. the rich want to be richer; the poor want to have better life; the destitute want a place of safety or refuge.
Most men and women are crazy for popularity in politics, music, sports, movies and dress-designing etc. They compete hard to gain success and popularity. However, they try to hold or maintain the popularity as much as they can. Everyone, except religious leaders, is obsessed with popularity. Normally, the laymen regard popularity as prestige in secular life. Exceptionally, low-profile or humble persons are not included in this classification. If someone is admired by general public for his or her outstanding or talented conducts or creation or achievement in arts, he or she wins the popularity. Any way, we really want to be popular in our society or in our community. Naturally, when we are conferred with recognition, honor, laud, sincerity and admiration by the people, we are elated.
Wealth, the state of being rich, is the most desirous reward in life indeed. To be able to live in luxury and  comfortable life, a person must be rich. We humans perceive wealth as an essential thing for life and without it life will be meaningless. Our perception is seemingly agreeable, but the way we try to gain must be just, legal and honest.This material wealth supports humans to fulfill other cravings in life. Wealth is essential in life for getting food, shelter, clothing and healthcare. If we are indigents, we will not be able to pursue education. We prefer wealthy life so that we will be free from anxiety and poverty. We are inspired by the elites, who have the most wealth and status in human society. Everyone wants to live in luxury and comfortable life. Some people live in penury and some people make their living by doing odd jobs getting meager income. Their lives are merely for survival, nothing more. Some people are in the state of being fairly well-off. So there many serious discrepancies between the haves and the have-nots. According to different life standings, people are striving hard for better life and higher income all over the world. The poor are seriously concerned about tomorrow’s survival as they do not have adequate food or money. Obviously, they do not have savings nor enough sustenance. That is why they have endless worries for their survival every day. They just live from hand to mouth. In contrast with their circumstances and situations, the rich are worried about their wealth and property which might get destroyed or reduced. So they have endless worries to maintain their wealth and property. Furthermore, the rich never satisfy with the present position of wealth and try to increase their wealth seriously. The rich are so materialistic that they never ever think to upgrade the life of the poor. The social dealing among the rich usually focus on personal gain or benefit. They always look for the chances to make a huge fortune and want to possess a great wealth in life. They consider money as a power in life. They choose useful strategy or technique to increase their property and wealth all the time. This is a kind of unlimited cravings for wealth in human life. Nowadays, people from the poor countries admire the high standard of living of the people from the most modern and the most developed countries. The people from the poor countries want to stay there legally or illegally to make fortunes and enjoy creature comforts and modern luxuries. Due to some kind of ambitions and cravings, many migrant workers are making their living in the most modern and the most developed countries in the world. Besides, a huge number of immigrants are entering the most modern and the most developed countries, hoping to get better jobs legally. Of course, they are intellectuals, engineers and doctors from Third World nations.
Power is defined as the right or some kind of authority to do something for human society. Normally, when we have power, we feel as if we are superior than other ordinary people. We think of highly ourselves and become conceited. Afterwards, we have a passion for power or become power-crazy persons. Naturally, power is very influential and useful in carrying out the social welfare and public services. Unless we have sense of conscience, we might misuse the power definitely. Subsequently, we can take advantages on them by misusing the power for our own sake selfishly. We become greedier and more selfish than before when we possess some kind of power. The power makes easier to do anything and to create personal gains in life. Later, we are addicted to the power, which is given to us to do for the social welfare or the benefits or the interests of our society. We are inclined to use the power wrongfully instead of using it justly. This is also human nature, but we ought to control or tame our mindsets which mislead immoral or unjust acts in a silly way. Some people use money as their power to influence or organize or persuade others. Power should be properly used for the sake of interests of the society and the nation. Actually, we humans are fascinated by power, but we should think wisely on the usage of power. We must know that possession of power is neither permanent nor everlasting. This is an absolute truth and nobody can deny or argue it.
Creature comforts are wanted by every human being on earth because nobody wants to live with meager sustenance in the shabby shelter. However, we like to have all mod cons known as modern conveniences which are expensive or dear products. In other words, we want to live in the lap of luxury. These creature comforts must be available both in rural life and in urban life. Those less fortunate cannot afford them and they feel miserable of their life standing or standard of living. They are miserably poor and they live in slums with no mod cons. Some people are struggling to make both ends meet. The poor and the destitute alike are dreaming of living in a better and comfortable life. They do not want meaningless and hopeless life. They want to upgrade their life and to become somebody. Since they are humans, they crave something for their life within their reach. In the modern world, modern luxuries such as motor cars, luxurious houses, household things and other human dresses are alluring us. The pace of modern life style is rather fast. So people are in rat race or in competitive struggle. We cannot escape from that allurement so we try hard for more earnings in order that we can afford to buy these things for us. The creature comforts and modern luxuries are closely related because they both always change in accordance with the modern life style indeed. Modern durables, apparatus, utensils, devices and electronic gadgets are being manufactured greatly. As the pace of modern life is pretty fast, we have to use faster, smoother vehicles for transportation and sophisticated telecommunication devices for communications purposes. In order to cope with the modern life style activities, we must use the electronic telecom-devices for the convenience of our daily-life communications and information among ourselves. For example; cell phone smartphone and i-pad etc., the creature comforts are of amenities for our daily life. Without them our life will be unpleasant and uneasy. Information Technology provides a great deal of benefits to humans, and humans have to compulsorily use the modern devices to enjoy convenience and comfort in their life. Constantly, latest model devices or apparatus and consumer goods are being manufactured for humans. Thus, we humans are overwhelmed by the endless cravings for electronic devices and modern durables. Human beings are seeking pleasure and creature comforts and fortune wearily and hastily in life. Very few of them could find and enjoy these things due to their abilities, luck and zeal. Instead of pursuing excessive cravings and creature comforts, we should moderately strive for fulfilling our necessities of human life. Let’s create happy, pleasant and peaceful life on our own !!!!!     *****


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