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July 06, 2020

Corruption is our national arch-foe

By Myint Win Thein

Corruption literally means dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially by people in authority. We can see the work of corrupt officials in our surroundings every day. While it may be common among people in office, corruption has far-reaching and wide-ranging negative impacts on the country.
Most harmfully, it undermines the rule of law and legal system. It renders legislation ineffective in protecting law-abiding citizens. They are forced to pay bribes to receive the basic protection to which they should be entitled. While the people’s birthrights are subject to bribes, criminals remain above the law.
In addition, corruption drains the public coffers of a country. Public funds are stolen and national development tasks cannot be carried out. The public misses out on basic needs including healthcare.
Moreover, corruption weakens the capacity of organizations in a country. Recently, a Chinese army newspaper warned its troops that a corrupt army would not win wars. Similarly, a corrupt organization will never achieve its goal and a corrupt nation will never attain prosperity. Its people will always be encountering one crisis after another. Therefore, it can be said that corruption is the national and public arch-enemy.


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