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February 29, 2020

Common humanity makes people less harsh

Every community expects tolerance of viewpoints and civility toward others. Diverse perspectives and ideas contribute to building an environment of civility that is conducive to advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Tolerance is the essence of humanity.
The term humanity embraces tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience, etc. W. Somerset Maugham, a British playwright, novelist and short story writer, said, “Tolerance is another word for indifference”. With mutual trust and understanding, humanity can wipe out grudge, hatred and prejudice.
Mutual understanding and inclusiveness are important for ensuring a peaceful society. A community that lacks of humanity will never establish a peaceful environment. It is no exaggeration to say that many people are happy with finding others’ fault, while they, in their turn, feel angry at the criticism of their own flaws.
While tolerance, universal brotherhood and peace are the symbol of humane society, hatred, enmity, revenge and violence are the characteristics of uncivilized world. The world has become a global village, and no society can any more live in isolation.
Relations among different communities of various backgrounds have increased globally. In the age of information technology, the global continents seem to be closer, while the term migration has been familiar with the people, causing more contacts of social affairs, religions, cultures and traditions.
Globalization has also brought into culture shocks in some situations. However, a humane society tries to understand different perspectives and ideas of others. There might be different styles of traditional background and working environments. Every community should practise constructive criticism without oppression or persecution of others for a peaceful society.


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