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July 05, 2020

China to send news crews to countries in Asia-Pacific Region to collect views on 21st Century Maritime Silk Road project

The government of the People’s Republic of China is planning to gather views from countries in Asia-acific region on its 21st century Maritime Silk Road project which is in blueprint stage.
As part of the plan for collecting views from the countries, Shenzhen Press Group in southern China  is planning to send its news crews to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka next year to interview commerce and trade ministers from those  countries, said Mr Lu Yantar, Director of the Shanzhen Media Group, recently  at the meeting with a media delegation  from south east Asian countries in the city. Local correspondents of China’s Xinhua News Agency in the remaining countries in the region will conduct interviews with ministers concerned of those counties for the
Maritime Silk Road project, he added.
The interviews will focus on views on the 21st Century Maritime Silk  Road by the countries in Asia Pacific Region and investment opportunities in those countries by Chinese enterprises, said the director of the Shenzhen Press Group which publishes some dailies and weekly in Chinese language and one daily in English which is the second English-language in China after the China Daily.
During the 7th 10+3 Media Cooperation Forum on 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in Beijing on 16 December, Chinese officials have urged participants from the countries in the  Asia Pacific Region to cooperate with Chinese media, highlighting the role of media in biding together opinions of people in building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Mr Yang Zhijin, Vice Minister of Culture of China said in his keynote address on the occasion that the ASEAN and plus three countries are the front line for the cooperation of the region.
Mr Yang Zhenwu, the president of the People’s Daily which organized the forum, quoted the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech in the last APEC meeting in Beijing saying that China wants to grow along with ASEAN countries through the 21st century Maritime Silk Road.
He continued to say that China has proposed the new type of diplomatic relationships with other countries and cooperation, mutual benefits and opening up and inclusiveness are a new model of the silk road.
Mr  Soegeng  Rahardjo, Ambassador of  Indonesia to China said in his keynote speech  at the  forum that Chinese president’s Xi Jinping’s initiative on 21st Century Maritime Silk Road which will connect South East Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Africa  will be an important contribution in creating and preserving in mutual prosperity, peace, stability in Asia Pacific Region.
He has also called on Chinese government for continuing to attach a great importance to effectively to create conducive political and security environment and security in the south east Asia region as peace and stability has created vibrant economy for more than 600 million people in the region.
China has pledged to invest US$ 400 billion in its 21st Century Maritime Silk Road project.


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