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May 26, 2020

Calves delight visitors to Winga Baw Elephant Camp

Mahouts seen cleaning elephants at the Winga Baw Elephant Camp near Yangon-Mandalay Highway. Photo: Thwe Thwe Tun

A series of elephant calf births at Bago’s Winga Baw Elephant Conservation Camp near the 39-mile post on the Yangon-Mandalay Highway have attracted a greater number of visitors recently, according to a report in the City News Daily yesterday.
The camp used to be part of the state-run Myanma Timber Enterprise and elephants were used to haul heavy logs out of the jungle. The current government suspended timber extraction at the camp and converted it into a resort.
Only eight elephants lived at the camp when it started. There are now 14 elephants.
Visitors to the camp learn about the animals and interact with them, riding and feeding them.




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