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July 09, 2020

Broom industry sees a boom in Mahlaing

A woman making palm leave brooms at her house. Photo: Maung Thein
A woman making palm leave brooms at her house. Photo: Maung Thein

Broom industry is booming in Yeyin Village, Minuhle Village-tract, Mahlaing Township, Meiktila District, Mandalay Region, according to local traditional broom-makers.
U Aung Soe, one of the village’s broom-makers, said: “Based on quality, a short broom made of palm leaves is currently sold for K400 and K600 while the price of a long sweep is worth at K1,900. Local-made sweeps are sent mostly to Taungtha, Pakokku, Myingyan and other townships.”
Most of households in the village generate their family income through the broom industry and traditional natural brooms made from the village have the best quality, he added.
Daw Kyi Win from Yeyin Village said: “There are two major kinds of brooms, including short handle and long handle brooms. Five people are required to make a broom. A worker can make over 100 brooms per day. Due to an increase in demand for brooms, workers earn more income based on their skills.”
She went on to say that raw materials for brooms are bought from Pyinmana, Toungoo and Bogale townships.—Maung Thein  (Translated by Khaing Thanda Lwin)


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