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February 22, 2020

Block Wastage And Save Shortage!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • In our everyday conversation, the two words, “Wastage” and “Shortage” are commonly heard. To put it simply, most of our people fail to regard their importance, or rather condoning them. Wastage is defined as the fact of losing or destroying something, especially because it has been used or dealt with carelessly. Here, it must be noted that something includes time, money or effort. Among them, time is concerned with every individual because each and every one of us is equally given 24 hours a day by the nature. Those who have no money or no work have nothing to waste apart from time. Due to weakness in demography and management in our works/jobs, our businesses, our professions and departments, we do not achieve success to the extent as expected.
    Undeniably, we need relaxation and recreation after a daily exhaustion in our jobs. But we should assess ourselves how many hours we spend a day. In this frenetic age people, especially those in advanced countries are busying themselves with pursuing for the progress of their lives. In our country there are many persons who spend their most valuable time, with some sitting in cafeterias and road-side teashops to chat or wait for winning numbers of two-or-three-digit-Myanmar-Chai-gambling game. Most of wealthy parents spend their time by transporting their offspring to schools every weekday. Taking time of traffic jam into consideration, they spend three or four hours a day. They may say that such a kind of wastage does not harm anyone. In case they develop their skills or abilities during these hours, they will make progress in their lives, to help fulfill needs in their children’s knowledge with their advancing ages.
    Out of the whole populace in the country, provided that one million people spend one hour a day, the country will lose the effort of one million labor hours. In such a time when we are marching toward a federal democratic nation, these labor hours will help to implement a project to the success. By creating more and more jobs, we can use up labor of those who are killing time on roads or coffee-shops, and simultaneously we can reduce crime rates. And we need to review actual situations in our work. With incompetent service-personnel, our work may be failed or delayed, leading to wastages of time, money and labor or effort. So as to avoid such a kind of wastage, they need to be trained to have a full capacity. Some important jobs or works do not accept even iota of a mistake. In other word, capacity-building is of a great importance and it depends not only upon the government but also on our own efforts. Failing that, we will meet shortages in every place. So, let us save shortage by avoiding wastages.


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