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July 16, 2020

Beyond the three traditional basic needs

Traditionally, the three basic needs are considered to be food, clothing and shelter. The hustle and bustle of a world witnessing rapid growth may have prompted us to ask for more. In this age, people tend to dream of having the right to a standard of living that can guarantee the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families. In addition to the three traditional immediate basic needs, we have all noticed the importance of medical care and sustainable employment. It is therefore essential for people from different social strata to become actively involved in promoting and protecting good health across the country. Health institutions should give communities technical support and disburse knowledge on prevention and treatment of common diseases. In this respect, local authorities should coordinate and support those efforts and frame policies that can meet the specific needs of their regions. Fresh encouragement should be given to humanitarian agencies to identify disease outbreaks and prevent them from further spreading. Special attention should also be paid to prevention of chronic diseases. There is a general misunderstanding that the entire work of health care services should rest with the central government. In fact, all able people are required to play their part in this critical task. Contrary to our expectations, a majority of people are now starting to feel “no money, no health.”


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