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July 16, 2020

Beware of self-defamation

People often accuse each other of defamation. Sometimes, they even bring their accusations to the courts. However, such people often fail to understand that they are truly at fault for damaging their own reputations.
One’s speech, actions and attitude can damage one’s reputation more than anything else in the world because people judge one another based on these criteria. Others can hurt one’s reputation only when circumstances allow, but a person can damage one’s own reputation at any occasion. What one says, does or thinks is firmer grounds for a poor reputation than what others accuse that person of. This is because what has been done cannot be undone.
Speech is the easiest way to express oneself. Special care should be taken before saying anything. Proofs of the importance of speech are the transformations of public figures into clowns as a result of their own statements.
Actions have even more damaging effects on one’s reputation. This may be because action affects others more seriously. Good deeds lead to a good reputation, while bad deeds result in a poor reputation.
One’s attitude is always reflected in one’s speech and action. Indeed, it leads to wrong speech and action. Therefore, a bad attitude seems to be the main culprit behind self-defamation. Therefore, it is also important to nurture a decent attitude.
It can be seen that self-defamation is the worst obstacle in life. One needs to be careful with one’s speech, actions and attitude. Victory over oneself is the greatest victory of all.


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