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September 21, 2019

Better children for a better tomorrow

All students in the country should be introduced to a new primary education system that can provide a coherent set of learning experiences, which serves the basis for all later academic success.
This means that all teachers must take a decisive step to ensure that all children enjoy the opportunity to experience high-quality education as part of the national education system, which is soon to be transformed in line with the National Education Law.
One of their main responsibilities is to create an educational environment that helps children to apply their full potential in their daily life. Otherwise, children are sure to be trapped in frustration and desperation that result from inadequate academic competency.
This commitment calls for a paradigm shift in the education system, which is no more than a skill-drill method. That teaching system must end, given the fact that graduates today are less likely to be educated than their grandparents and parents were.
The recent history of our country has clearly convinced us that we have lost a few generations of children to underachievement as a result of our failure to provide young children with opportunities to experience a quality education. It is worth noting that every child counts.
Now is the time for all educators to make a 100 per cent commitment to changing their attitude as to what good education means to children. They should have high aspirations for children’s futures. Any delay will imply that we are doing them and our country a great disservice. If we commit the same mistake again, it will be nothing less than a national scandal.


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