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June 05, 2020

Believing the unbelievable

People sometimes come to believe in certain ideologies and concepts as a result of the specific circumstances under which they live. The following scenarios offer an illustration of my point.
No government in the world actually admits that they use the military, police, the prison and the court of law to oppress their subjects. Governments simply say that these institutions are used to defend the national interest and protect its territory, the people and the rule of law. According to democratic practices, governments must convince the public that they are behaving in a manner consistent with these purposes. If governments succeed in convincing the majority of people that their actions are benevolent, they are likely to be considered to be providing good governance, even in the midst of economic chaos. There have been many notable governments in world history that have achieved such a feat. They have, in essence, confused their people into believing the unbelievable.
On the other hand, according to authoritarian political ideology, the military, the police, the court of law and prisons are basic mechanisms of oppression. Subjects of an authoritarian system may be convinced that a government is incapable of good governance if the national interest appears to be taking second place. Under such circumstances, the people are suppressed by the mechanisms of oppression. They are forced to believe in authoritarian political ideology through sheer bad governance.


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