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July 09, 2020

Avarice, Intimidation and Fraudulence

When there are prevalence of inordinate greed, inordinate selfishness or avarice, intimidation and fraudulence in a certain society, there will be no peace, justice and tranquility. If there are many people who commit these immoral, anti-social  and illegal acts or crimes in a certain society, the chaotic situations will definitely appear in that society. No unity and trust can be found in that society. The inordinate greed, intimidation and fraudulence lead to disagreement, animosity, distrust, conflicts and tensions and violence among themselves. Generally, greed belongs to human nature, but extreme desire and behavior do great harm to the society and its people. If a person has lust for power and wealth, he or she would act unlawfully for his or her personal gain or benefits. Basically, we do accept that greed, anger and ignorance are inherent human traits. However, we humans must conscientiously control the extreme desires, emotions and cravings. If a person or a group practice for robbing and taking advantages of others, the unpleasant situation or atmosphere will surely arise. The problems will arise out of the equality and fairness. In these days, there are lots of modern luxuries or, materials which tempt or allure the humans. So, these temptations always give trouble to those who cannot afford them. Likewise, the persons who act unlawful power or influence inevitably meet nemesis before they die. This means that they owe to pay for their sins or unjust behavior. Their abominable acts are injurious to all mankind and insulting to our mother earth. All human beings are equally awarded by our mother earth i.e. The equal privileges for survival and adequate human habitation on earth surface with sustenance. The extremely greedy people will inevitably end their life disastrously because they do not deserve the peaceful end on earth.
Obviously, the act of intimidation is a brazen act of violation of law. So the perpetrators must be brought down before the justice. The Judiciary must also practice professional integrity and penalize the culprits with severe punishment so that we can protect the defenseless or innocent people from that kind of peril. The honest and innocent people are safe and secure under the rule of law. The act of intimidation can be frequently seen in the country in which rule of law is absent. In these circumstances and situation, the perpetrators are the tyrants, government officials, terrorists or rebellious armed groups and the victims are general people indeed. For examples: forced labor, child soldier, abducting more than  200 school girls and forced them to convert to different religion by Nigerian so-called militants led by Bokhoharam militants. According to the recent news about Nigeria, it says that a thirteen-year-old girl was coerced by these militants to commit suicide bomb attack at a certain market in Nigeria. She was so unwilling that she utterly refused the instruction and fled to the police, station. Moreover, the Bokoharam terrorists forcibly recruit or abduct the young Nigerian girls and coerce them to commit suicide bomb attack to the targets such as markets, school, shopping centre and even worshipping sites. Evidently, this incident shows that the extreme outlaws are using the tactic of intimidation on innocent people to fulfill their barbaric scheme. The enormity of their serial crimes shocks the global people. Normally, the tyrants, rebels, barbarians, bandits and outlaws commit coercion, intimidation and abduction on ordinary people for their benefits to some degree. In some despot-reigned countries, the most luxurious hotels, resorts, golf courses are exclusively built or created for the despots. Even most of the businesses belong to the families of despots and their minions or lackeys. The general public are poor and the families of despots and their sycophants or corrupt officials are becoming elite or billionaires. They are unkind to their own citizens and crazy to grab the power selfishly. Of course, it is very obvious to see their acts of avarice, inordinate-selfishness, exploitations, intimidation and the endless passion for mighty power.
The afore-said acts are regarded as unlawful and despicable too. The tyrants and their subservient followers high-handedly behave towards those who are simply striving for their survival, but lower than in social positions or power or ranks. Nowadays, the issues of forced labor, child soldier, unjust coup, enslavement, torture, sex-trade and forced abortions are related to high-handed acts indeed.
The limitless greed, uncontrollable anger and great ignorance create unlawfulness to gain unjust benefit. There must be limited greed, controllable anger and little ignorance in our minds as we are being lay- men in the secular world. Naturally, we seek hard to achieve numerous cravings and worldly pleasure every day. However, human beings never satisfy with the present positions such as social status, positions, power, income etc. Avaricious persons are the ones who are extremely greedy for power and wealth. It is a natural law that everything is impermanent but  those greedy persons repeatedly say and use  the pronouns “ I ” and ‘my’  in order to show off their positions or  authority. Even then, they deeply concentrate on selfhood and do nothing for charity or philanthropic conduct on their own. In addition, they usually show off their positions and think of highly themselves .They misjudges the worth of other persons and they blindly think that they know everything. So such disgusting manners are totally deplored or disapproved by ordinary people in any society indeed. Actually, they are hoity-toity, stupid and selfish persons and cannot deserve the title-‘Gentlemen’. They do not have clear conscience as they cannot control avarice or greediness. They dare to neglect and violate the ethical values and religious teachings though they profess some religious faith. They are pretending as if they were deeply pious. Otherwise, such persons must be free-thinkers or atheists because they do neglect fundamental human decencies for the sake of doing unjust attempt or conducts. Avarice stimulates the persons to be selfish enough to exploit others. It forcibly misguides the person concerned to commit bad deeds for gaining his unjust benefit.
These violent acts are motivated by avarice and inordinate selfishness. In other words, this unethical practice is a kind of exploitation between man and man. The one who commits is extremely selfish and the victim is a simple person. The exploitation hurts the victim’s body and mind and that grievance cannot be nursed due to lack of justice and equality. It is an absolute violation of human rights happening in that society. Actually, a powerful person or a powerful group intimidates the powerless person or weaker group for the great benefits of intimidators. In fact, they are armed or tyrants who try to strengthen their might or reign by means of using intimidatory tactics to dominate or influence on the majority people in their society. The general public have been intimidated or oppressed inhumanely by the illegitimate government or despotic ruler, in some countries in the world. Therefore, this act cannot be considered as a misdemeanor because it is absolutely a severe crime.
Fraudulence is a criminality which intends to cheat or deceive for gaining benefit of the criminal. The tactic of fraudulence is slyly used by tyrants or fraudsters. They make tricky ways to rule the people in order to sustain their power. Among the general public, there may be some fraudulent cases while doing business. For instances, one businessman was defrauded of his or her money by a dishonest businessman or a fraudster; the citizens were cheated out of their political rights and social privileges by the tyrants in some countries in the world; election rigging; rigged bid, jiggery-pokery etc.
When we study these cases, we find that the perpetrators manipulate ordinary people or persons fraudulently in order to make illegal profits or privileges or benefits. The people, who are deceived, usually lose their money, profits, legal rights, privileges and benefits. The suffer victims physically and mentally.
Every sensible person regards this act as injustice or crime because the perpetrators take advantage of the public ignorance. The grievances caused by fraudulence are rather immense indeed. Unless the rule of law prevails, the immense grievances cannot be remedied. So we ought to seek a remedy for injustice or losses. The particular society essentially requires the judicial system which does not judge arbitrarily. Besides, it must be a free and independent so that the impartial judgment cannot prevail .When the rule of law flourishes and independent judicial system exists in a certain society, there can be no terrible miscarriage of justice. The innocent people can have equal rights given by existing laws and they will be able to enjoy happiness without any fear. Whenever extreme selfishness, avarice, lust, passion and cravings overwhelm a person, he or she dares to commit crimes or violate the rule of ethics stupidly. According to limitless desires or greed, they eventually come across with terrible troubles even in the secular world and cannot avoid punishment for crimes they commit. This is the absolute trend or outcome of demerits or misconducts. If we really wish to see pleasant and happy life in human society, we must avoid doing bad things and practice fairly for our survival and livelihood. Otherwise, the violence, conflicts, injustice will always appear on the stage of human life. We must treat each other with warmth, compassion, sympathy, and humanity so that we can create the paradise on earth. Contentment and humility lead a successful and peaceful life. If a person is humble and contented, he or she is free from anxiety, avarice and jealousy. Consequently, he or she can promote or contribute to the social welfare or interests of his or her society effectively. We should bear in mind that there exist the deterrent principles of shame and fear which guard the world from falling into chaos. Purify your hearts and abstain from committing sins in your life!!!!


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